MultiValue Special Section: MultiValue Vendors Pushing Boundaries

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Mark Pick, President and CEO, Pick Cloud, Inc.

The key challenge for MultiValue companies today is staying current with emerging technologies—especially as companies are being acquired and new C-level executives are being brought onboard. People unfamiliar with Pick often see MultiValue as old technology that needs to be replaced. There was an ad campaign my dad was part of at Pick Systems in the late 1980s. The tagline read PICK—The system you grow into not out of. I believe that statement is as true today as it was back then.

Here at Pick Cloud, Inc., whenever we run across a client or prospect that is considering moving off MultiValue, we show them their current system’s capabilities. Whether that is by helping them move to the cloud, providing assistance with their disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives, updating their application to use GUI, or providing them with the means to connect to disparate data sources or third party applications.

Our partnerships help us to provide our clients state-of-the-art technology that goes hand in hand with MultiValue. In conjunction with Ladybridge Systems and our OpenQM DBaaS offering, we encourage developers to create new MultiValue applications with OpenQM that are affordable and include enterprise grade hardware. All they have to do is code. Cloud printing is available with CirrusPrint—courtesy of our partnership with Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. We supply end users, developers and VARs assistance with state-of-the-art hardware on a short-term basis for things such as evaluations, proofs of concept, testing, and development environments.

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