MultiValue Special Section: MultiValue Vendors Pushing Boundaries

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David Cooper, BlueFinityDavid Cooper, Chief Architect and CTO, BlueFinity International, an Mpower1 Group Company

During the course of our work we get to talk with many MultiValue-based organizations. For most, the key challenge revolves around how to perform a balancing act—specifically, how to balance the need to service the essential day-to-day IT demands of the business with the need to keep pace with modern software tools and standards. Users have an uncanny knack of making it seem quite reasonable to demand that current applications be enhanced and embellished while at the same time inquiring why the software interface doesn’t look more like their favorite tablet app—or in fact, why it can’t just simply run on their mobile device!

IT departments, more than ever before, need to be smart about how they approach the challenge of modernizing existing MultiValue applications or supporting new platforms and devices. This need was at the root of BlueFinity’s decision to invest in the creation of the latest product “Evoke,” which reconciles a number of apparently conflicting requirements:

• To design applications once yet to have them run on a diverse range of platforms and devices

• To continue using a MultiValue database environment yet to be able to engage developers who do not know MultiValue

• To add new functionality and interfaces to an existing MultiValue application while still using the existing application unchanged

• To integrate non-MultiValue data sources into applications without creating duplicate islands of data

• And there are many more…

Evoke takes a unique and innovative approach to app development—one which we believe allows IT departments to rise to these challenges in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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