MultiValue Vendors Continue to Move Forward in 2022

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Kathy Larson, Product Marketing Manager, Database and Connectivity, Rocket Software

While 2021 was challenging, the Rocket MultiValue team was hard at work strategizing to develop the right mix of subject matter experts with a right-sized product portfolio. Does this have anything to do with the people and products we acquired from Zumasys and the partnership we established with them? Yes! So, if you’ve heard rumors that the products we acquired will become stagnant and be “put out to pasture,” so to speak, don’t listen! We’re planning some exciting product integrations for the MV portfolio, so please stay tuned in 2022. To help us finalize our plans, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and conducted research by talking to customers from across our recently expanded portfolio; we’ve gleaned valuable insights that, when combined with the strategic vision of MV experts here at Rocket, will guide us to the comprehensive strategy our customers and partners need to solve their most challenging problems through modernization.

Transitioning to 2022

To maximize value for our customers, in 2021 we made our new MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) free to our customers and partners on maintenance. If you haven’t read the customer stories that show the value of MVIS for modernizing MV apps, I invite you to visit our website. In addition, to bolster support for MVIS, we offered four free, very enthusiastically received MVIS hands-on workshops. We also released a new UniVerse performance monitoring tool, the MV Performance Experience, also free to our customers and partners on maintenance.

As we move into 2022, we are committed to helping our customers bring new life to their Rocket MultiValue applications as we explore “Making a case for modernization.” We’re ready to help our customers explore the process, tools, services, and resources required to align with business goals while preserving their data and business logic to maximize their MV investment.

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