MultiValue Vendors Continue to Move Forward in 2022

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Keith Lambert, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Kore Technologies

It looks like 2022 will continue with the patterns established in 2021 and 2020, but with some changes.

Remote workforces are no longer a trend, they’re a reality. Team communication is more important and more challenging than ever due to employees working flexible schedules across multiple time zones. Keeping everyone in the loop (clients, vendors, partners, and internal staff) is increasingly difficult.

There are more requests to modernize old customer support portals and ecommerce storefronts and Kore’s KommerceServer eCommerce platform is excellent for this purpose. In fact, we even launched a new support portal of our own called webTeam.

The goal is to centralize all project/task communication, making it easily accessible, so everyone is in the loop regardless of when or where they are working.

Staffing shortages are more common these days so everyone has to accomplish more with less. There is increased demand for replacing manual processes with more real-time integration and automation between the business ERP system and various best in-class applications, such as ecommerce, CRM, warehouse management, and service management.

Kore is helping clients with their integrations while maximizing security, data access, and enforcement of business rules using our trend-setting Kourier Integrator platform. Kourier REST is a comprehensive integration platform for MultiValue systems that enables companies to integrate, connect, and share data with third-party applications, taking advantage of their unique functionality via integration using RESTful Web Services. Kourier is cloud-ready and provides a single platform for an organization to use for inbound and outbound integration with applications located on-prem, hosted, or in the cloud.

Kore’s goal of helping clients extend the value and capabilities of their enterprise applications has not changed. It’s just the way in which we do it and the technologies we bring to bear to solve problems that are always improving.

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