MultiValue Vendors Continue to Move Forward in 2022

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Mark Pick, President and CEO, Pick Cloud

From the beginning, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the urgency and the way people think about the cloud and hosting their applications. Since more companies have gone remote, the need for 24/7 secure, remote access has become paramount.

However, for those who have already made the move, it has been business as usual with very little disruption. We have migrated many MultiValue/PICK clients to the cloud due to the pandemic and their need to provide their employees with remote secure access. We also had to be recognizant of how we secure their applications. Minor things like printing could be challenging if not thought out correctly. Most legacy MultiValue applications today still rely on printing from the server spooler. Products like CirrusPrint allows us to print securely and efficiently even if the server is thousands of miles away. Cloud companies like Google have invested heavily in technologies that allow these things to happen. After the move, companies saw the benefits of the cloud firsthand.

For example, by securing their application for use in the cloud, it is for the better, as the client’s system is ultimately more secure. For instance, Google does not allow the use of legacy protocols like telnet because of the security risks in transmitting your data in clear text. We incorporate secure connections like SSH and key pairs, as well as offering up secure VPNs, to and from the cloud. These are just a few examples of the benefits and the things clients request from us as well.

We are equipped to help PICK/MultiValue companies take advantage of all the cloud has to offer due to our combined decades of PICK/MultiValue experience as well as our partnership with Google Cloud and their commitment to a world-class, scalable, secure cloud hosting environment.

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