MultiValue Vendors Continue to Move Forward in 2022

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Malcolm Carroll, Director, BlueFinity

Despite the prospect of omicron and the expectation of further variants, the business world feels like a far more vibrant place compared to a year ago. The use of technology has shown that periods of working from home is no longer a barrier to progress and growth. For example, we are seeing far more use of the cloud by developers using the Evoke low-code platform because it seamlessly supports integrated app development in multiple locations with multiple developers using multiple devices (laptops, tablets, and desktop) and operating environments (Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows) in the home as well as in the office.

Last year saw companies in the MultiValue space becoming aware of the opportunities that application modernization through low-code, cost effective app development opens to them. Being able to deploy a full function app that extends both the reach and the life span of legacy MV systems is critical, as is enhancing MultiValue systems with a UI with additional functionality on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers for online and offline use. Being able to introduce apps to their businesses without having to change their existing database while taking advantage of Evoke’s complete MV integration communication layer, as well as being able to incorporate their existing DataBasic code into their app logic, is a major factor for MV clients. Another key aspect is that multiple types of MV and SQL databases can coexist in the same app, e.g., UniVerse and/or jBASE alongside Oracle and/or SQL Server.

Companies using Evoke have no limits as to how they can enhance their MV systems and are discovering that they are no different from mainstream companies that are deploying innovative features into app designs. For example, the Evoke 360-degree virtual tour capability is being incorporated by a number of companies to enhance an app-based “complete shopping experience,” often integrated with both MV systems and their existing website.

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