MultiValue Vendors Help Extend MultiValue Systems

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Robert Catalano, Director of Sales and Marketing,
Revelation Software

Our diverse global customer base faces a variety of pressures from many different sources. These pressures range from changing HIPAA regulations, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, real-time backup for 24/7 organizations, integration of mobile technology with legacy databases, cloud storage, collaborative development teams, and the emergence of a Millennial-dominated workforce. 

Software architects need database development tools that evolve with their rapidly changing business landscape. We at Revelation Software have addressed these market pressures with our newly designed products: OpenInsight 10 and the Universal Driver 5. 

OpenInsight 10 has a development interface that will feel very familiar to new developers entering the workforce. Our development suite brings you one of the best browser-based, mobile computing, and robust reporting toolkits on the market. It also includes an interface to the Git source code management system and a cloud-based connector for NoSQL data stores. Our Universal Driver 5 addresses data encryption and Volume Shadow Copy for high-availability backup solutions.

Our products preserve the legacy MultiValue environment while enabling future database development on modern hardware and software platforms.

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