MultiValue Vendors Selected for DBTA 100 List

IT and data management technologies have expanded greatly over the past few years with new methods to leverage a wealth of data. However, as innovative approaches to managing and accessing data such as Hadoop, cloud and NoSQL, have emerged, tried and true technologies such as MultiValue have also remained as important as ever.

In the DBTA 100 list of companies that matter most in data, leading MultiValue companies were among the vendors spotlighted. 

Entrinsik provides flexible self service BI across multiple data sources. Its two core products are Enrole and Informer. Informer is an agile BI software product, while Enrole is web-based, hosted software that delivers registration, course management, ecommerce, and reporting solutions for or professional and continuing education, conference and event producers.

Kore Technologies provides enterprise integration, business intelligence, and ecommerce web solutions for MultiValue and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Kourier Integrator ETL helps businesses federate data from disparate data sources into one unified data warehouse for analytical purposes.

Pick Cloud is the first MultiValue database as a service (DBaaS) provider specializing in both public and private cloud solutions. The company was founded by Mark Pick, who is the son of Dick Pick, one of the founding fathers of MultiValue.

Revelation Software excels at providing their customers with the tools necessary to help their applications perform to the best of their abilities. The upcoming release of Revelation’s flagship product OpenInsight 10 aims to offer an IDE that is familiar to experienced MultiValue developers while also being understandable and attractive to today’s generation of IT graduates.

Rocket Software provides a wide range of data solutions. Not only is 2015 Rocket’s 25th anniversary, but also a time when the company is releasing products that provide business intelligence in an entirely new way within the MultiValue space.