DBTA 100 2015 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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The world of information technology is often described as an ecosystem. And just like an ecosystem that exists in nature, IT is affected by internal and external factors. In this issue of Database Trends and Applications magazine, we introduce the third annual list of companies that matter in data, a reflection of the IT ecosystem as it exists now.

In the last 2–3 years there have been dramatic changes in IT. Data is being created and amassed at higher rates than ever before, and is increasingly viewed as a valued asset, or even a product itself.

Newer information management technologies, such as Hadoop and cloud, a variety of open source offerings, as well as NoSQL and NewSQL, are gaining traction and enabling insights from data generated inside and outside company walls. However, as has been the case for many years, relational database management systems continue to be powerful forces. In addition to relational systems, MultiValue database technology, another established approach, continues to evolve with new capabilities and integrations. Research reports produced over the past year by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc., have provided insight into many of the pressing issues affecting data management. According to a recent Unisphere survey sponsored by Dell Software, two-thirds of the respondents indicated that structured data represents at least 75% of the data under management.

At the same time, Hadoop-based offerings as well as new database products offer organizations a way to leverage a wide array of unstructured data. Nearly 10% of respondents to the survey said their companies are already using a NoSQL database technology and 12% are currently deploying it. Slightly more than 15% are using Hadoop, with a little more than 5% in the deployment process. In terms of the volume of data that organizations are dealing with, the survey revealed that close to 30% are managing more than 500TB (“The Real World of the Database Administrator”).

Data is seen more than ever before as a valuable enterprise resource. But, with the intertwined issues of high data volume, more data sources, and emerging data management technologies, there are questions about who will take charge of data management in the enterprise. The findings of another Unisphere Research survey, sponsored by Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, were included in a report, “The Vanishing Database Administrator: A Survey of Data Professionals’ Career Aspirations.” The survey found that more than two-fifths of data professionals expect to leave the field within the next decade, either due to retirement or to move into business roles.

Organizations face a looming shortage in database expertise, while the need for data analytics is becoming more acute.Tools such as cloud can allow organizations to rely on qualified third parties, while database automation can take on the burden of mundane processes so that data professionals can devote more time to issues of greater importance. The survey also found that database virtualization is expanding within organizations. Close to half of the respondents indicated they are now charged with database virtualization responsibilities in their organizations and in conjunction with this emphasis, about one-third also said they are responsible for application or system virtualization as well. About one-fourth of respondents are leading big data analytics initiatives, as well.

Adding to the pressure on data professionals is the brighter spotlight on data security. An Oracle-sponsored Unisphere study found that 70% of the respondents indicated that the database group is responsible for the data security in their organizations. New technologies are available to alleviate the manual burden associated with database monitoring. However, the survey found that only 30% of enterprises employ tools and processes to automate scanning for anomalies (“DBA—Security Superhero, 2014 IOUG Enterprise Data Security Survey”).

To provide information about forward-thinking providers of hardware, software, and services in the changing IT ecosystem, DBTA presents the “DBTA 100” list of companies that matter in data. Listed here and on the following pages, are companies ranging from established vendors to organizations that have arrived more recently on the data scene.

We encourage you to learn more about why these companies were chosen by visiting their websites. In addition, in the “View From the Top” articles, executives offer their perspectives on why their companies uniquely address today’s data-driven requirements. You can also dive more deeply into Unisphere Research reports at

Company NameTop ExecutiveExecutive Commentary
1010data, Inc. Sandy Steier,  CEO & Co-Founder 
Actian Corp. Steve Shine, CEO & President 
Actuate, now part of OpenText Corp. Mark J. Barrenechea, President & CEO 
Aerospike, Inc. Brian Bulkowski,  Founder & CTO 
AgilData (formerly CodeFutures Corp.) Dan Lynn, CEOView From the Top, Inc.Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO 
AtaccamaMichal  Klaus, CEO 
AttachmateKevin Loosemore, Executive Chairman, Micro Focus 
Attivio, Inc.Stephen Baker, CEO 
Attunity Ltd.Shimon Alon, Chairman & CEOView From the Top
Basho Technologies, Inc.Adam Wray,  CEO & President 
Birst, Inc.Jay Larson, CEO  
BMC Software, Inc.Robert E. Beauchamp, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO 
CA TechnologiesMichael  P. Gregoire, CEO 
CenturyLinkGlen F. Post, III, CEO & President 
ClearStory DataSharmila Mulligan, CEO & Founder 
CloudantDerek Schoettle, General Manager of IBM Data Cloud Services 
Cloudera, Inc.Tom Reilly, CEO 
Cisco (Data Virtualization)John T. Chambers, Chairman  & CEO 
Compuware Corp.Chris O’Malley,  CEO  
Concurrent, Inc.Gary Nakamura,  CEO  
CorvilDonal Byrne, CEO  
Couchbase, Inc.Bob Wiederhold, President & CEO  
Data IntensityKirk Arnold, CEO  
DataStaxBilly Bosworth, CEO  
DatavailMark Perlstein, President & CEOView From the Top
DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.)Scott Hayes, President & FounderView From the Top
Dell, Inc.John A. Swainson, President, Software  
DelphixJedidiah Yueh, President & CEO View From the Top
Denodo TechnologiesAngel Viña, CEO & Founder View From the Top
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.Wayne D. Williams,  CEO  
EMC Corp.Joseph M. Tucci, Chairman & CEO View From the Top
Empolis Information Management GmbHDr. Stefan Wess, CEO  View From the Top
EnterpriseDB Corp.Ed Boyajian, President & CEO  
Entrinsik, Inc.Doug Leupen, President & CEO 
Fusion-io, a SanDisk CompanySanjay Mehrotra, Co-Founder, President  & CEO, SanDisk  
Google, Inc.Larry Page, CEO & Co-Founder  
GridGainAbe Kleinfeld, President & CE  View From the Top
BackOffice Associates/HiT Software David Booth, President & CEO of BackOffice Associates 
Hortonworks, Inc.Rob Bearden, CEO  
HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)Meg Whitman, CEO & President  
IBM (International Business
Machines Corp.)
Virginia M. (Ginni) Rometty, Chairman, President & CEO  
Idera, Inc.Randy Jacops, CEO  View From the Top
InfobrightDon DeLoach, President & CEO  
Informatica Corp.Sohaib Abbasi, Chairman & CEO  
JethrodataEli Singer, Co-Founder & CEO  
Jinfonet SoftwareBing Yao, CEO 
KognitioGeoff Squire, Executive Chairman  
Kore TechnologiesKen Dickinson & Mark Dobransky, Co-Founders & Managing Partners View From the Top
Lavastorm AnalyticsDrew Rockwell, CEO  
LexisNexis, a Member of Reed Elsevier
Mike Walsh, CEO, Global Legal; Mark  Kelsey, CEO, Risk Solutions 
MapR Technologies, Inc.John Schroeder, CEO & Co-Founder View From the Top
MarkLogic Corp.Gary Bloom, CEO & President View From the Top
McAfee—an Intel CompanyChristopher Young, General Manager, Intel Security Group  
Melissa Data Corp.Raymond F. Melissa, President & Founder View From the Top  
MemSQL, Inc.Eric Frenkiel,  CEO & Co-Founder  
Microsoft Corp.Satya Nadella, CEO 
MicroStrategy, Inc.Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO  
MongoDB, Inc.Dev Ittycheria, President and CEO  
Neo Technology, Inc.Emil Eifrem, CEO  
Ntirety, Inc.Michael Corey, Founder & President of Ntirety, a division of HOSTING  View From the Top
NuoDB, Inc.Barry Morris, Founder & CEO  
Objectivity, Inc.John J. Jarrell, President & CEO View From the Top
Oracle Corp.Safra  A. Catz, CEO; Mark Hurd, CEO  
PaxataPrakash Nanduri, Co-Founder & CEO  
Percona, LLCPeter Zaitsev, Founder & CEO  
Pick Cloud, Inc.Mark Pick, President & CEO  
PivotalPaul Maritz, CEO   
Predixion SoftwareSimon Arkell, Co-Founder & CEO  
Progress Software Corp.Philip Pead, President & CEO View From the Top
QlikLars Björk, CEO  
QuboleAshish Thusoo, Co-Founder & CEO  
RackspaceTaylor Rhodes, President & CEO View From the Top
Redgate Software Ltd.Simon Galbraith,  CEO & Co-Founder View From the Top
Red HatJames Whitehurst, President & CEO  
RedPoint GlobalDale  Renner, CEO & Founder View From the Top
Revelation SoftwareMike Ruane, President & CEO View From the Top
Rocket Software, Inc.Andy Youniss, President & CEO View From the Top
SAP SEBill McDermott, CEO 
SAS Institute, Inc.Jim Goodnight, CEO  
SisenseAmir Orad, CEO & Board Member  
SnapLogic, Inc.Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman & CEO  
Snowflake Computing, Inc.Bob Muglia, CEO  
Software AGJay Johnson, President & CEO, Software AG North AmericaView From the Top
SolarWindsKevin B. Thompson, President & CEO  View From the Top
Splice MachineMonte Zweben, Co-Founder & CEO  
Splunk, Inc.Godfrey R. Sullivan, President, CEO & Chairman  
Sqrrl Data, Inc.Mark Terenzoni, CEO  
SQLstream, Inc.Damian Black, CEO  
Syncsort, Inc.Lonne Jaffe, CEO 
Tableau Software, Inc.Christian  Chabot, CEO & Co-Founder  
TalendMike Tuchen, CEO 
Teradata Corp.Michael Koehler, President & CEO  
TIBCO Software, Inc.Murray Rode, CEO  
TransLattice, Inc.Frank Huerta, CEO & Co-Founder    
Trillium Software Philip Galati, CEO  
Violin MemoryKevin DeNuccio, President & CEO View From the Top
Voltage Security, now part of HPAlbert Biketi, General Manager, HP Atalla  View From the Top
VoltDBBruce Reading, President & CEO  
Yellowfin International Pty Ltd.Glen Rabie, CEO & Co-Founder View From the Top

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