Progress Software and Logi Analytics Create Business Intelligence Tool

Progress Software and Logi Analytics have announced the release of Progress OpenEdge Analytics 360, a new custom BI tool to help OpenEdge users discover value in their operational data.

According to Jerry Rulli, president, OpenEdge business unit with Progress Software, the creation of a business analytics solution for the OpenEdge user base was one of the key initiatives he identified upon joining the company in 2014.  

“In two surveys that we had done, about 70% of our customers said they wished we would take a more prescriptive approach and come up with a solution that would be embedded in the OpenEdge technology stack,” stated Rulli.

Over the last few years, Progress had looked at a few analytics organizations that it would consider for a collaboration and ultimately chose Logi Analytics.

“We chose Logi not just because it is easy to embed, but because a big portion of its customer base aligns with our customer base, which is ISV (Independent Software Vendors),” explained Rulli.

Key features for OpenEdge Analytics 360 include a complete range of self-service analytics; a highly customizable interface with advanced visualizations; service offerings from Progress Bravepoint, which includes Training, Mentoring, and BI Blueprint, and pre-built KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). OpenEdge Analytics 360 includes vertically focused KPIs, such as financial services and manufacturing, as well as many cross-vertical KPIs that include sales and accounts receivable.

“Currently, we have a list of 120 KPIs that the customers get to choose to implement. That library will continue to grow as we evolve the product,” explained Michael Marriage, senior principal product manager, data analytics with Progress Software.

 While the tool is intended for the OpenEdge consumer base, it can be used by non-OpenEdge users as well.

“Our primary target is the OpenEdge base. It is built on top of an OpenEdge data warehouse but it also runs on SQL servers and other data warehouses. We are targeting the OpenEdge base primarily through the ISV channel, but we do have customers outside of OpenEdge too,” explained Bob Palumbo, VP, product marketing & product management with Progress Software.

“From our standpoint it’s a problem that has been out there for a while, and we believe that we have a good solution to deliver to the market,” said Rulli.

For more information on Progress Software, go here.