Replicating Oracle Data to SQL Server for Analytics and Archiving

Database replication is a valuable tool that allows companies availability and scalability with their data. To help support customers in this area, Dell is releasing version 8.6 of SharePlex, its database replication and near real-time integration solution. The updated solution enables IT staff to offload reporting,migrate data, and provide immediate data integration services from Oracle databases to Microsoft SQL Server for better business insight, and expands Dell’s footprint of heterogeneous database support. 

Data has grown at an exponentially faster rate over the past 2 years than all of the previous years combined. “Ninety percent of data that exists today has been created in the past 2 years,” said Bill Brunt, product manager of Dell SharePlex, during a recent DBTA webcast.  This increase in data has caused companies to look for more efficient ways of moving data within their organizations. Dell SharePlex strives to offer the best overall customer experience when working with their software.

According to Brunt, replicating Oracle data to SQL allows businesses to improve their Oracle systems, harness real-time reporting, affordably archive data, optimize analytics and BI applications, and minimize downtime associated with migration. Traditional cross-platform methods of data replication required downtime that could last hours to even days. SharePlex Version 8.6 can now replicate data in less than 1 hour.  A routine issue in data replication is being able to protect sensitive data when replicating large amount s of data. To address this concern, the 8.6 release offers granularity that allows users to select certain columns and rows and allow the user to protect sensitive information. 

SharePlex 8.6 stands out from the crowd with a few impressive product differentiators. 95% of Oracle to Oracle replication knowledge is transferable when the data is replicated to other SQL servers. Dell also allows Offer Term Licensing. When a company migrates to another system they may not want to own the previous system forever because they will not have much use for it. This aims to give the customers great value for their product and Dell is first to market with this feature.

With this release, the number of certified target platforms for SharePlex replication support moves to eight, including: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, SAP ASE, ODBC, JMS, SQL flat files, and XML files.

To view the webcast, go here.