Revelation Software Puts OpenInsight 10.0 on Center Stage at 2015 Users' Conference

RevCon is Revelation Software’s conference that covers a wide array of topics on Revelation Software. Revelation Software users' conference this year focused on Revelation Software’s flagship product, OpenInsight, and the new capabilities of version 10.0. OpenInsight is a repository-based applications development environment that enables development teams to work collaboratively to design, develop, deploy and scale high-performance business solutions on leading messaging and client/server platforms.

The conference took place from March 24-27 in Houston, Texas. The beginning of the conference was conducive to socializing with old colleagues or networking with new potential business partners. In addition, the setting makes it possible for attendees to share with Revelation how they have applied the software into their businesses, said Robert Catalano, director of sales, Revelation Software. “We write the tools, but the attendees make the products that people use. It is really nice to see that in action,.”

Following the opening night, there are two and a half days of learning presented by keynote speakers as well as in technical and business-related sessions throughout the rest of the conference.

“This conference was a bit different than some of our prior conferences in that all of the speakers were from Revelation Software. The reason we did that was because we are in the midst of developing OpenInsight 10.0 and we wanted to go over all of the new features contained in this release,” stated Catalano.

It was no secret that everyone there wanted to see the progress on OpenInsight 10.0 and it was clearly the star of the conference. Many innovations in version 10.0 were covered at the event, with some of the most notable being the new User Interface and modernizing the environment without cutting a single line of code.

“We would like to have the product look and feel of a Visual Studio and the reason for that is to enable students coming out of college to view a MultiValue database with an interface that they are familiar with,” explained Catalano.

Revelation Software expects to release a beta for OpenInsight 10.0 in the third quarter of this year. “We continue to receive valuable feedback from our development community, and we are at a stage where we are still able to incorporate that feedback and that is important to us,” said Catalano.

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