Rocket Software Releases Rocket Discover for Self-Service BI

Rocket Software has released Rocket Discover, a new self-service business intelligence solution that combines visual data discovery with data preparation.

Traditionally, in the BI world, data discovery and data preparation have been performed by two separate tools. “This is a product that combines data discovery and data preparation together,” stated Bob Potter, senior vice president and general manager, Business Information and Analytics, Rocket Software. Preparing data is a challenge, and this solution aims to make it easier.

Targeted at business managers and executives, the new product also reduces the number of operations that can be performed on the data to the most fundamental ones that business users want to perform such as joining data, filtering data, and appending data.

“These are things that business users understand, while there are complex transformations that one can do to data, those are really outside the purview of business users,” explained Potter.  Most BI tools have producers and consumers. Some users produce BI reports and dashboards, while other users consume those reports and dashboards. This product is aimed at having one user that is able to not only consume the reports and dashboards, but create them for themselves, as well.

“The bulk of our focus was to simplify data discovery and data preparation,” said Potter.  The solution integrates well with neglected data sources such as MultiValue databases, mainframe data, and other non-relational data. “Everyone does relational data well. We wanted a tight integration with all data sources, particularly the ones that Rocket Software owns and produces products for.”

According to the company, future releases of Rocket Discover will capitalize on Rocket Software core competencies by providing features in the areas of data connectivity, maximizing the value of the mainframe, increased levels of intelligent guidance during data preparation, and enhanced collaboration.  

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