ScaleBase Enhances Distributed Database Platform with Version 3.0 and Unveils ‘Analysis Genie’ Beta

ScaleBase has announced the 3.0 release of its Distributed Database Platform, which enables users to move from a single MySQL instance to a distributed platform. The company also introduced a beta program for a new product called Analysis Genie.

ScaleBase version 3.0 is a cloud-optimized database platform built primarily for virtual environments. The database is horizontally scalable, built on MySQL and allows customers to keep and maintain their MySQL infrastructure. By logically distributing data across public, private, and geo-distributed cloud environments, this database functionally optimizes workload for greater efficiency.

According to the vendor, ScaleBase version 3.0 simplifies the deployment and management of the software, providing automatic analysis, migration, configuration and schema change;  dynamic data optimization and balancing; and transparent failover. The new version also offers enhanced cross-shard joins and is cloud agnostic.

The new Analysis Genie is designed to guide organizations in determining the best way to scale out a database by analyzing a company’s schema and queries. “The Analysis Genie allows users to quickly assess how their application uses the data, what type of command they use, how the schema is built and it allows the relationships that data has to be viewed and then maintained as you move from one instance to many instances,” said Ram Metser, CEO at ScaleBase.

“I think for the first time, ScaleBase is out with a solution that allows organizations that need to address growing data or big data requirements in the sense of growing users, to be able to address those needs with a full-blown relational database platform,” noted Metser.

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Posted February 12, 2013