Special MultiValue Technology Report: Vendors Rise to Meet New Data Challenges

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As an example, our most recent release of Informer includes a new “MultiValue View” of SQL tables to provide a parent-child view. This offers an intuitive Multi-?Value view of information, whether coming from a MultiValue or SQL database, which is uncommon in other BI or reporting solutions that don’t fully appreciate the advantages inherent in a MultiValue database structure. Entrinsik has worked very closely with our MV customers and we pride ourselves on our ability to continuously improve our software and develop innovative, problem-solving solutions that meet their unique challenges and needs.

Mark Pick, President and CEO, Pick Cloud, Inc.

In today’s business environment (in any vertical market), demand for interoperability with third-party applications, external databases and high availability is paramount.

Companies—especially SMBs (small-to-medium businesses) face a myriad of additional challenges consisting of but not limited to: rising IT costs including personnel, hardware, and software. Other challenges include downtime and loss of revenue due to downtime.

Pick Cloud, Inc. offers our customers a way to address these challenges cost-effectively with a wide array of options from cloud computing, managed hosting, monitoring, custom PICK programming, professional services, and more. Disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) and OpenQM database-as-a-service (DBaaS) are the latest offerings that we are excited to provide to the MultiValue community in 2014. Pick Cloud, Inc. and LadyBridge Systems Ltd. are the first to offer MultiValue as DBaaS with OpenQM. Clients can have a fully hosted OpenQM system, leveraging their existing MultiValue environment while avoiding costly upfront software licensing and hardware fees.

We offer all these services at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hardware, software, and the IT costs of managing the server and software updates and upgrades. We take over these tasks from the IT department, letting them focus on other things such as innovation and helping increase their company’s bottom line.

Here at Pick Cloud, Inc., we are constantly looking for innovative ways to preserve and extend the life of MultiValue applications. Our products and services do just that.

Dan Ell, Support Analyst, jBASE International, an MPower1 Group Company

The newest challenges faced by our customers would have to be simple access to data and security of that data. As computers and the internet have made data easier to access, it has also made security and encryption of this data imperative. We at jBASE are helping to fill these needs with a range of products.

The first challenge of simple access has been addressed with familiar SQL query tools incorporated directly into the jBASE 5 release. These tools allow those familiar with SQL to do SQLSELECT, SQLINSERT, SQLDELETE, and even create jBASE hash files with SQLCREATETABLE and SQLALTERTABLE.

jBASE also addresses simple access with RESTful service which allows access to data on the jBASE server with simple XML, JSON or even CSV calls to an encrypted web portal. With RESTful services, a web developer can access and even update jBASE data files without MultiValue knowledge using familiar REST functions available in PHP, PERL, JavaScript and other web authoring languages. RESTful services can communicate over standard HTTPS protocol assuring data cannot be intercepted.

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