Steering Your Business with Analytics

It’s not enough to collect data. In order for data to provide advantage, you have to drive your business with analytics on that data.

A recent DBTA webcast featuring Chai Batt, product marketing manager, HP; and Larry Lancaster, chief data scientist, Nimble Storage, showcased technologies that are enabling companies to gain insights from data faster.

“It’s always challenging when you have different silos of data,” stated Batt.  Today, data comes at companies in many different forms. HP’s solution to this issue is HP Haven. “What it does is allow you to analyze all of your data, be it structured, semi-structured, or unstructured. You can analyze it all.” The Haven platform is run by three different engines: HP Idol, HP Vertica, and Distributed R. HP Idol is the engine for processing unstructured data such as video files, email files, and audio files.  Vertica is built for structured data analytics and is fully SQL-compliant. Distributed R enables users to do predictive analytics on their data and guide users on the next steps that should be taken.

Nimble Storage is a growing flash storage company located in San Jose, CA. Infosight, one of Nimble Storage’s premier products, is a cloud-based storage management platform that is backed by Vertica. 

“One of the things that makes Vertica attractive from an efficiency perspective is the way it allows you to apply extensive coding techniques to reduce the footprint of data on disk,” stated Lancaster. “If you shrink the footprint on disk, your analytics are going to run faster.”  Users typically like general solutions with lots of features that make it flexible and easy to use. “What makes Vertica important to me is it makes big data smaller,” said Lancaster.  Lancaster explained the benefits that Vertica supplies to Nimble Storage, and how those benefits are passed along to analysts, data scientists, business owners, and IT through Nimble Storage.

To access an on-demand replay of this webinar, go here.