Tips for Achieving a 360-Degree View of the Customer

At Data Summit 2019, Jay Benedetti, global solutions director of CloverDx, explained the importance of achieving a 360-degree view of the customer and how that begins with a  successful integration strategy. Benedetti shared two different case studies, one in B2B and another in B2C that CloverDX worked on, helping organizations to achieve a panoramic view of the customer  to achieve their business goals and enabling them to bring in more data as they grow in the future.

Today, all organizations and everyone within them, need to contribute to customers service and focus on the customer.

Benedetti provided three key points for starting the journey to a customer 360 view.

Start small. This equals a small investment and small risk

Describe the deliverable

How do you define success?

Identify an individual who can sit between the business and IT.

That person will help enable success.


Define how and who you are empowering. What do you want to enable? What does the end user need?

In the B2C project, CloverDX worked with a small bank that needed to grow and acquire more customers. It started with a handful of tables and daily syncing, and was then able to connect different data feeds to its CRM system which has become its system of record. In another scenario, an enterprise rating agency needed to have a better view of customers in order to upsell them and did not have a complete view of the customers to drive their B2B selling strategy. It was able to identify needed datasets across the enterprise, and used CRM as the business location of view.

In closing, Benedetti emphasized that organizations should start small to achieve an initial goal, identify the change agent in the organization who can play a key role, and define the users who need to enabled with new capabilities.

Many presenters, including Benedetti, are making their slide decks available on the Data Summit 2019 website at