Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2015

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1010data, Inc.
1010data—a complete suite of products for big data discovery and data sharing for both business and technical users

Actian Corp.
Actian Analytics Platform—helping to transform big data into business value with three editions—Extreme Performance Edition, Hadoop SQL Edition, and Cloud Edition

Actuate Corp.
Actuate BIRT Analytics 4.4—a big data analytics platform for business analysts and business users that provides a toolbox of data mining techniques for selfservice, advanced analytics

Aerospike, Inc.
Aerospike—flash-optimized in-memory NoSQL database supporting multi-channel web and mobile applications that respond in real time

Alpine Data Labs
Alpine Chorus 5.0—a platform for advanced analytics that enables organizations to unify data access to sources including Hadoop and RDBMSs in one collaborative environment, Inc.
Amazon Web Services—a cloud-based platform of compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services

Appfluent Technology
Appfluent Visibility 6.1—provides IT management with views across multiple big data platforms from one interface to drive data warehouse and BI optimization, and support migration, audit, and compliance initiatives

Attachmate Reflection Security Gateway 2014—helps integrate host systems with modern security infrastructure, leveraging patented technology to extend an enterprise’s authentication and identity management investments to their access controls for host systems

Attivio, Inc.
Attivio Active Intelligence Engine 4.2— integrates and correlates silos of structured data and unstructured content to provide insight through the access method that best suits each user’s technical skills and priorities

Melissa KolodziejAttunity Ltd.
Attunity Maestro—a big data management and data distribution platform that includes logic and event-driven process control for greater IT efficiency and productivity in global and distributed infrastructures

Product Spotlight by Melissa Kolodziej, Director of Marketing Communications, Attunity


To date, organizations have struggled to manage their massive data workloads—too many data distribution tasks across the enterprise with nothing to help bring it all together. Attunity Maestro’s innovative and robust information flow design and management platform solves this widespread challenge. An enterprise-class data management and transfer platform, Attunity Maestro automates the integration of mission-critical data processes into daily business activity. Designed to centrally manage and automate large-scale data and file movement, Attunity Maestro enables seamless information flow across distributed and/or geographicallydispersed enterprise environments and the cloud ... read on

Bradley Tashenberg, CEO

Bradmark Technologies, Inc.
Bradmark Readiness Assessment Services— provides a detailed report of underlying database performance issues and presents recommended changes for organizations whose business-critical systems are not functioning consistently, or are planning changes to their SAP environment

Product Spotlight by Bradley Tashenberg, CEO

Long-time SAP Sybase customers have been challenged with best practices necessary to successfully move to the current versions of ASE, IQ, and Replication Server. These challenges include a lack of staffing and a loss of base knowledge due to extended time periods between upgrades. As older versions of these products become unsupported, the need to migrate to newer versions is not optional. Many critical applications rely on these database platforms. As these products are very mature and generally highly reliable, operational intervention is rarely required. And though this is desirable from a product standpoint, it creates a lack of skill set for troubleshooting ... read on

CenturyLink Cloud—provides a platform that allows users to provision and manage infrastructure at scale, with a portal that provides a one-stop shop for managing resources

Cirro Data Hub—simplifies data access by federating queries across multiple sources of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data

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