Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2015

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Peter TranCisco
Cisco Information Server 7.0—latest version of the flagship data virtualization offering introduces the Business Directory, which provides a portal to data and elevates data from schemas to information that business people care about with context

Product Spotlight by Peter Tran, Data Virtualization Product Marketing Lead 

It is perhaps overstated, but nonetheless true, that Big Data, Cloud, and the Internet of Everything are changing the business world. With these big changes come even bigger challenges for companies in dealing with data and analytics. These challenges are especially acute as data is more distributed and scattered than ever before ... read on

Citus Data
CitusDB—an analytics database that extends PostgreSQL for scalability, and comes with its own replication, distributed query planner and executor logic to enable distributed SQL queries in parallel

Sara StropeCloudant, an IBM Company
Cloudant Sync—supports scaling of mobile and distributed apps by replicating and syncing data between multiple readable, writeable copies of the data in other data centers, as well as mobile devices

Product Spotlight by  Sara Strope, Marketing Director

IBM Cloudant is the world’s first globally distributed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) designed to ensure that the flow of data between an application and its database remains uninterrupted and highly performing ... read on

Cloudera, Inc.
Cloudera Enterprise—provides CDH, Cloudera’s Hadoop-based platform, as well as advanced system management and data management tools, plus dedicated support and community advocacy from Cloudera’s team of Hadoop developers and experts

CodeFutures Corp.
CodeFutures AgilData—a big data platform that features high-performance stream processing to allow organizations to efficiently harvest meaningful data that can be difficult to access for large-enterprise, online gaming, interactive-mobile and other high-volume, Web 2.0 applications

Compuware Corp.
Dynatrace—provides APM products, including Application Monitoring, User Experience Management, Synthetic Monitoring, and Network and Data Center Monitoring

Continuent, Inc., a VMware Company
Continuent Tungsten 3.0—combines advanced clustering and replication technologies to enable alwaysavailable access to data, combined with the ability to process transactions over multiple sites while tightly integrating the processing with data warehouses and analytics

Corvil Giga—targeted at companies in the financial industry as well as others that need to operate their business in real time, it provides a streaming analytics platform for real-time operational intelligence and big data integration

Couchbase, Inc.
Couchbase Server 3.0—a NoSQL database offering advancements in mission-critical scale and performance, ultra-high availability, secure communication, and enterprise grade administration for enterprise and big data use cases

DataStax Enterprise (DSE)—a distributed database built on Apache Cassandra that provides in-memory computing capabilities, enterprise-level security, integrated analytics and enterprise search, and visual management

Dataguise for Governance Suite—a solution suite for big data governance that allows organizations to declare policies, discover sensitive data, view and track entitlements, and audit access to sensitive data across multiple systems

Datavail Corp.
Datavail SQL Health Check—equips organizations with a better understanding of a complex database environment, including issues such as whether data is accessible, available, and recoverable, and whether current hardware and software infrastructure is sufficient to support database growth patterns

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