Uncovering the Advantages of N1QL, Couchbase's Query Language

Couchbase has introduced N1QL (pronounced as “nickel”) in its NoSQL distributed database Couchbase Server. Put simply N1QL is "SQL for documents," explained Couchbase senior product manager Ilam Siva during a recent DBTA webcast.

Rich data is data that comes from everyday life events that is valuable to businesses.  Rich data models now capture more detail than previous relational data models which only held basic consumer information. “N1QL stands for Non-first Normal Form Query Language.  N1QL is like SQL but it is much more. I explain it as SQL ++,” stated Siva. The goal is to have it be simple to use, similar to SQL, but with more expanded capabilities. It will have the ability to index and query rich data at scale. With the power of Couchbase backing N1QL, it allows for querying and app development to be that much better, he said.

With N1QL, Couchbase aims to provide freedom, flexibility, alignment, and productivity to developers. Many are familiar with SQL, but also have a desire to work with rich data, and N1QL will provide the best of both worlds, said Siva. N1QL is essentially born out of the massive explosion of rich data. The majority of businesses that develop apps and query data will find N1QL beneficial as rich data continues to explode and provide tremendous value to businesses, said Siva.

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