Understanding VMware Licensing with Oracle

Over the last decade, VMware virtualization has become a preferred platform for hundreds of thousands of customers, many of them running their business-critical applications on the virtualized infrastructure.

At the center of many of these BCA environments is the Oracle Database Management System. However, there is still a significant amount of confusion regarding how to properly license Oracle software in those VMware environments.

In a recent DBTA webinar a roundtable of experts, including Don Sullivan, product line marketing manager for business critical applications and database for VMware, Dave Welch CTO and chief evangelist at House of Brick Technologies, Daniel Hesselink managing partner at License Consulting, and Dean Bolton, president of VLSS, discussed how to properly adhere to contracts, as they exist presently and are available publicly, to correctly license Oracle on virtualized infrastructure.

The percentage of applications in virtualized infrastructure has increased dramatically over the last few years, according to Sullivan.

Sullivan highlighted a survey by the Independent Oracle Users Group, in partnership with DBTA, that found that the perception of increased licensing and support costs are the top challenges for organizations seeking to expand the number of Oracle databases and applications being deployed on vSphere. However, decreased overall costs is the main benefit realized by those same respondents

VMware vSphere is the number-one virtualization solution in use by Oracle shops – representing 70% of IOUG members in the survey – and that use is growing, according to the survey.

Welch outlined licensing and contract cases that should adhere to a specific set of rules by Oracle when licensing VMware.

Issues with adhering to some of these requirements include implementing IT changes and/or buy excessive license quantities for many years.

Hesselink said there is no “magic bullet” to resolve a conflict and every situation his company encounters is unique.

Bolton explained best practices that users should follow before virtualization. This includes receiving guidance in creating an optimal architecture, reducing your licensing footprint, avoiding major escalations, and reducing annual support costs with Oracle.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.