VIDEO: How Blockchain Promises to Bridge the Trust Gap

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

People choose Blockchain because a network is more powerful than its individual members, according to Srikanth Challa, Senior Director, Blockchain, Infosys Ltd., as he discussed the four key benefits of blockchain for enterprises at Data Summit 2018.

“Everybody has a secure shared, digital ledger, they’re all on the network, they’ll all be peers, and everybody has the latest and greatest version of the truth at all times,” Challa said.

Oracle Blockchain cloud services offers the following benefits:

  • Permissioned Blockchain using Membership Services for strong identity management and PKI operations
  • Peers perform validation, maintain current values representing “state of the world” and reach consensus over the blocks of transactions that are then stored in the cryptographically linked ledger (Blockchain)
  • Clients deploy new business logic (smart contracts) on behalf of users and applications
  • Clients execute transactions to trigger smart contracts that operate on the records in the “state of the world”, and can query the current values or block data
  • Admins connect to BCS Console to update configuration, monitor dashboards and troubleshoot issues

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