VIDEO: How Companies Are Operationalizing AI Today

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Will Ochandarena, senior director, product management, MapR Technologies, explained how companies are operationalizing AI today during his Data Summit 2018 presentation titled, “IoT Data: From the Edge to the Cloud and Back.”

IoT devices that generate megabytes or gigabytes of data per second are stunning organizations. Certainly, the infrastructure will have to change, as those volumes of data will likely overwhelm the available bandwidth for aggregating the data into a central repository.

"If you want to get improvements in the moment, you do this operationalization of AI, which basically says that you have those data scientists, they're building models, but instead of just looking at those models, and trying to make decisions directly based on them, you take them and you put them into your operational systems, and your operational data pipelines, and you start making predictions about certain pieces of data, and certain objects, as your business runs," Ochandarena said. 

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