VIDEO: How Multi-Model Databases Reduce Data Modeling Complexity

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

At Data Summit 2018, Jeff Fried, director of product management at InterSystems, gave attendees a primer on how multi-model databases reduce data modeling complexity in his session, "Polyglot Persistence Versus Multi-Model Databases.”

"Multi-model is simply the idea that you can take one data store, or one data store stack, sometimes different instances, and use it with different models on the same data," Fried said. "For example, take something which is a document store and present it as SQL for reporting, or have something that does both graph relationships and table relationships along with the same data."

In the polyglot world, the area of specialized data stores, users have an enormous amount of choice. 

Because the world is speeding up, there isn’t one way people want to consume or use data, it’s important to address a variety of needs with new and emerging options, Fried said.

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