VIDEO: Three Factors Driving Data Lake Implementation

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Data lakes are being shaped in a new way and according to Paul Sonderegger, senior data strategist, Oracle, there are three factors driving this. Sonderegger discusses what is driving data lake implementation during Data Summit 2018.

"So, the big factors driving the changing shape of data lakes are cloud, object store, and Spark. So, let's just quickly talk about each one of these. Cloud, I'm going to take a wild risk and assume that I do not have to explain to anyone in this room, what cloud is," Sonderegger said. 

As companies move their data lakes to the cloud, they're preferring to use object store as the storage layer instead of Hadoop, Sonderegger explained. According to a recent survey, 24% have an object store deployed and 15% are considering.

"Of those object stores that exist, the ones that are deployed in the cloud, that's 21%," Sonderegger said. "Now, again, this is a snapshot. And the trend that we see on this adoption is that corporations are increasingly interested in deploying their data lakes in object stores on the cloud, because it is so much simpler to do than to do it with Hadoop."

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