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Every day, more technology surrounds us.  Things that were once fiction, are now everyday occurrences.  None of this is by accident or happenstance, this is only through the work of many professionals and even amateurs in the fields of engineering, electronics, and computer science.

In your home you might have a voice activated smart speaker like Amazon Alexa.  In your car you have navigation the reroutes based on traffic, and changing road conditions.  Your phone lets you know how long your drive home from work will be before you even get to your car.

The amount of technology to make these simple tasks happen might be almost incomprehensible, and took many years to develop.  That sentence makes the result sound purposeful. As if the person who started doing traffic monitoring data collection knew that someday it would lead to automatic traffic rerouting that would create traffic patterns instead of just report them.

Most of the technology that makes this possible is not what you see in the commercials or in your favorite TV show.  The terms database and web don’t always resonate with the hottest technology, but they still drive the innovation that feeds both the enterprise and the consumer markets. Data Management, Security, and agile delivery might be the Buzz word technologies.  As the Director of Education for the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), I’m proud that our user group is still helping educate and push the boundaries.

COLLABORATE 19 ( on April 7-11, 2019, at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, is the annual conference brought together by three user groups.  IOUG is proud to present this conference along with the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) and the Quest Oracle Community.  Together along with 100’s of volunteers, the groups work to bring some of the brightest authors, speakers, and technical experts together under one roof.

IOUG continues to bring some of the best education options for those wanting to learn Oracle technology, develop professionally, or those looking to push their skills to the cutting edge. 

For those just wanting to learn Oracle here are a few sample sessions:

  • 584: “How To Use An AWR/Statspack Report To Tune Oracle Systems” by Craig Shallahamer of OraPub, Inc.
  • 109: “Oracle Database Locking Mechanism Demystified” by Pini Dibask of Quest Software
  • 174: “You're now the Security Engineer, you've inherited absolutely nothing, now what?” by Joseph Testa of Database Security Consultants
  • 373: “RMAN for the Novice DBA” by Nathan Miller of Northrop Grumman
  • 140: “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 101” by Marcus Vinicius Miguel Pedro of Accenture Enkitec Group

Looking for hands-on experiences?  Sunday of the confenence includes a number of hands-on labs like:

  • 252: "Hands-on Lab: Using Python with Oracle Database" by Blaine Carter of Oracle
  • 589 "Intro to working with Relational Databases in the Cloud" by Mostafa Ead of Amazon Web Services

Are you working more in the world of DevOPS and modern web and mobile development?  Here are few example sessions for your agile needs:

  • 225: “Oracle Database infrastructure as code with Ansible” by Ilmar Kerm of Kindred Group
  • 178: “DevOps for the Oracle DBA: Efficiencies and Automation” by Simon Pane of Pythian
  • 503: “Oracle Database 19c: Top 10 Features for Agile Development” by Erik Benner of Mythics
  • 467: “Managing Unstructured Data: LOBs in the World of JSON” by Michael Rosenblum of Dulcian Inc

Data is what help drives a lot of the newer business models. Learn more about how to protect the data with these sessions:

  • 443 “Oracle Database Security Advanced Topics Deep Dive” by Stephen Kost of Integrigy Corporation
  • 581: “Data Secured, Cloud or Not Cloud” by Michelle Malcher of Extreme Scale Solutions
  • 360 “Hacking an Oracle Database and How to Prevent It” by Stephen Kost of Integrigy Corporation

Cloud is still hot topic in everyone’s day, as enterprises everywhere are moving their workloads from on premise to cloud based systems.  Here are a few sessions to help ease the transition and make sure you are prepared:

  • 440: “Designing Scalable Oracle Database Solutions in AWS” by Nick Walter of House of Brick Technologies
  • 135: “Database Performance Myths, Does it matter with the cloud and newest technology or are we doomed to repeat History?” By Kirby McCord of U.S. Cellular

For those that are experienced with Oracle database and looking to learn the newest thing, well we have that covered.  Here are just a few examples:

  • 398: “Recent Database Security Innovations You Might Not Be Using, but Should Be” by Alan Williams of Oracle
  • 158: “Oracle 12c, 18c, Now 19c, OH MY! What Are the Changes?” By Janis Griffin of SolarWinds
  • 542: “360 Degrees - Under the hood of AI on Oracle Autonomous Database 18c” by Tariq Farooq of BrainSurface

So maybe this all sounds so pedestrian, let’s not forget some cutting edge:

  • 514: “Automation isn’t enough you need robotics” by Doug Hahn of Datavail
  • 116: “Vote Early, Vote Often: From Napkin to Canvassing Application in a Single Weekend” by James Czuprynski of Zero Defect Computing, Inc.
  • 243: “Achieving Massive Scalability And Total Fault Isolation Through Oracle Sharding” by Kai Yu of Dell EMC
  • 234: “Let’s talk AI, ML, and DL” by Biju Thomas of OneNeck IT Solutions

Finally, maybe you're looking to grow personally as well as technical topics, here are some personal growth Topics:

  • 478: “DBA's Next Job” by Rich Niemiec of Viscosity North America
  • 345: “Networking is not just cables and fiber!” by Stephen Andert of IBM
  • 138: “Learn it, Live it, Share it - How to Increase Your Skills and become an Expert” by Michael Nelson of Nothrop Grumman

These are just a small selection of the 100’s of sessions that will be available at COLLABORATE 19.  There’s still time to register at and be able to collaborate with your peers in the industry.

I’d love to talk to you there and hear what you think the future holds!


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