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As a key component to data integration best practices, change data capture (CDC) is based on the identification, capture, and delivery of the changes made to enterprise data.

CDC helps minimize access to both source and target systems. It also supports the ability to keep a record of changes for compliance, and is a key component of many data processes.

CDC is a function within database management software that makes sure data is uniform throughout a database. CDC identifies and tracks changes to source data anywhere in the database, and then applies those changes to target data in the rest of the database.

Optimal CDC solutions are efficient, robust, provide real-time information, support many data sources, and are cost-efficient.

If data flows are like the circulatory system of the modern enterprise, then the beating heart is CDC software, which identifies, copies, and sends live data to its various users, according to Attunity’s Kevin Petrie, Dan Potter, and Itamar Ankorion who have jointly written an e-book titled Streaming Change Data Capture: A Foundation for Modern Data Architectures.

CDC is a foundational technology for modernizing an environment, enabling continuous incremental replication by identifying and copying data updates as they take place, they note.

Best CDC Solution

Attunity CDC

Winners' Circle by Itamar Ankorion, Chief Marketing Officer

Optimize Your Modern Data Architecture with Attunity’s Streaming CDC Technology

Today’s analytics initiatives are changing how data needs to be moved, stored, processed, and analyzed. It’s easy to underestimate the resulting organizational and technical challenges. Read on.


Oracle CDC

IBM InfoSphere CDC

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