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Data integration is critical to many organizational initiatives such as business intelligence, sales and marketing, customer service, R&D, and engineering. These days, however, data integration is getting more complicated. There are more types of data than ever before, as well as more sources, and more target platforms on can be stored.

With increasing varieties of databases and platforms, each suitable for different purposes, there is a growing recognition that we live in a multiplatform world. Along with established RDBMSs, enterprises now run a variety of workloads on a multiple platforms and database types. A survey of 300 data managers and professionals, conducted by Unisphere Research and sponsored by Dell Software, finds NoSQL technology is being used or being deployed at 21% enterprises. In addition, 19% plan to implement No SQL within the next 1 to 2 years. One-third of respondents expect NoSQL to have a significant impact on their database operations in the next 3 years. Hadoop is being used or is being deployed among 20% of respondents' companies (“The Real World of the Database Administrator”).

Beyond the emergence of NoSQL, there is cloud and on premise; Hadoop, mainframe and ubiquitous RDBMSs, as well as data streaming from social mobile, IoT, amd other sources and platforms. How can an organization achieve complete and integrated picture of all the data?

Whether seeking to achieve a comprehensive view of data across disparate relational database management systems, or across unstructured data repositories and the cloud, the goal for many companies is the same - to help reduce costs and drive better decision making to fuel business success.

To enable this goal, a variety of techniques and processes help companies get to gain a unified picture of their disparate data, through processes such as replication, change data capture, extract-transform-load, data virtualization, and others. 



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 Attunity: Experts in Enterprise Big Data Management 

To gain value from Big Data, enterprises must first understand their data usage. Understanding who is using which data and how often, and which data to move and when, enables efficient data management and optimal analytic results. However, this is not an easy task given that data volumes, data types and velocities continue to increase IT complexity. Bringing innovative advancements to this area is Attunity, a provider of high-performance Big Data management software on.


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