Best Data Integration Solution (Overall)

Data integration is critical to many organizational initiatives such as business intelligence, sales and marketing, customer service, R&D, and engineering.

However, big data integration involves projects not products, and there is often a lack of expertise available.

Data integration frees employees to concentrate on analysis and forecasting – tasks that require a human touch. It also vastly reduces the chances for errors to be introduced during the data translation process.

Simply put, data integration is the essential link between information and insight. Businesses that ensure their various databases can “talk” to one another are able to take advantage of the details they’re already collecting

To help understand where to take your data, a variety of techniques and processes help companies get to integrate disparate data, and gain a unified picture through processes such as replication, change data capture, extract-transform-load, data virtualization, and others.

Best Data Integration Solution

Liaison Technologies ALLOY

LiaisonWinners' Circle by Rob Consoli, Chief Revenue Officer, Liaison Technologies

It’s no stretch to say that data is playing as pivotal a role in economic evolution today as mechanization did in an
earlier age and the advent of the internet did a generation ago. The value of data will only accelerate as new sources come online from multiple directions, including the Internet of Things and social media on.


Denodo Platform

BackOffice Associates HiT Software DBMoto

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