DBTA 100 2015 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Amir Orad, CEO & Board Member

Sisense provides business intelligence and analytics software that allows business users to join multiple large datasets, build smart dashboards with data visualizations, and share with thousands of users, without dependence on coding, IT, or data scientists.

SnapLogic, Inc.
Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman & CEO

SnapLogic delivers an elastic integration platform as a service (iPaaS) to connect cloud applications and disparate data sources with the rest of the enterprise for better decision making, and a single view of customers, products and services. 

Snowflake Computing, Inc.
Bob Muglia, CEO

Snowflake Computing, the cloud data warehousing company, seeks to reinvent the data warehouse, bringing together all users, all data, and all workloads in a single repository.

Software AG
Jay Johnson, President & CEO, Software AG North America

With more than 40 years of innovation, Software  AG provides big data, integration, and business process technologies that enable customers to drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service.


View From the Top by Jay Johnson, President & CEO, Software AG North America

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world, with people and smart machines connecting at dizzying levels. The flood of data that IoT generates creates value by helping you better serve customers, reduce costs and build new revenue streams—but only if you can interpret what Forrester Research, Inc. calls “perishable insights” and act on them in on.

Kevin B. Thompson, President  & CEO

Striving to eliminate complexity, SolarWinds provides products and tools to solve a broad range of IT management challenges across networks, servers, applications, storage, and virtualization.


View From the Top by Gerardo Dada, Vice President of Product Marketing & Strategy, SolarWinds

Applications are the heart of all critical business functions and an essential component to nearly every end user’s job, affecting productivity, satisfaction and ultimately revenue. In fact, a recent SolarWinds survey of business end users found that 93 percent said application performance and availability affects their ability to do their job. And, at the heart of nearly every application is a on.

Splice Machine
Monte Zweben, Co-Founder & CEO

Splice Machine’s Hadoop RDBMS supports ACID transactions and is designed to scale real-time applications using commodity hardware without application rewrites.

Splunk, Inc.
Godfrey R. Sullivan, President, CEO & Chairman

Providing a software platform for real-time operational intelligence, Splunk software and cloud services help organizations to search, monitor, analyze, and visualize machine-generated big data coming from websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors, and mobile devices.

Sqrrl Data, Inc.
Mark Terenzoni, CEO

Sqrrl is the creator of Sqrrl Enterprise, a big data analytics platform, that unifies several big data approaches into a single platform, including Hadoop, linked data analysis, machine learning, data-centric security, and advanced visualization.

SQLstream, Inc.
Damian Black, CEO

Providing customers with actionable insights extracted from their machine data in motion, SQLStream provides SQLstream Blaze, a scalable, real-time data hub for operational intelligence and the Internet of Things that is built on a SQL-compliant data stream processing platform.

Syncsort, Inc.
Lonne Jaffe, CEO

With solutions spanning big iron to big data, including next-gen analytical platforms such as Hadoop, cloud, and Splunk, Syncsort helps organizations collect, integrate, sort and distribute data using fewer resources.

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