DBTA 100 2015 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Lars Björk, CEO

Helping customers gain meaning from information across varied sources and explore the hidden relationships within data that lead to insights, Qlik provides a portfolio of products ranging from reporting and self-service visual analysis to guided, embedded and custom analytics.

Ashish Thusoo, Co-Founder & CEO

Providing data analysts with a graphical interface, built-in connectors, and elastic cloud infrastructure, the Qubole Data Service platform is based on open Apache technologies, and includes Hive, MapReduce, Pig, Oozie and Sqoop to enable a complete big data service. 

Taylor Rhodes, President & CEO

With data centers positioned across the globe, Rackspace provides a range of managed services to support all cloud workloads, including arange of database as a service options.


View From the Top by Kenny Gorman, Chief Technologist; Data in the Office of the CTO, Managed Data Services at Rackspace

While the data store ecosystem continues to grow, it is getting harder to determine which database technology and deployment pattern works best for any given use case. Working out how to best utilize these technologies and deliver measurable business value is an increasingly important challenge for on.

Redgate Software Ltd.
Simon Galbraith,  CEO & Co-Founder

Redgate offers a range of tools for database comparison, productivity, source control, and troubleshooting for developers and DBAs using Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, and MySQL. 


 View From the Top by Simon Galbraith, CEO and Co-Founder

This is probably the most exciting time there’s ever been to be in the software space in general and the database world specifically.

Continuous delivery practices, once the domain of Agile developers who were pushing the envelope of software development, are moving into the enterprise. To remain competitive, businesses now expect new application features to be released faster, sooner, more efficiently. A notable example is the announcement from Microsoft that Windows 10 will be its last Big Bang release in favor of a series of continuous on.

Red Hat
James Whitehurst, President & CEO

Red Hat uses a community-powered approach to create high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies.

RedPoint Global
Dale  Renner, CEO & Founder

RedPoint Global offers a comprehensive set of ETL, data quality, and data integration applications that operate in and across both traditional and Hadoop 2.0/YARN environments.


View From the  Top by Dale Renner, CEO & Founder, RedPoint Global

Progressive organizations are looking to data to drive competitive advantage. Big Data and Hadoop have a lot to offer them. Benefits include: running operations more effectively, improving customer engagement and growing revenues. To this end, com¬panies are pulling in more types of data, from more sources, and at faster rates than ever. Their goal: to monetize their data and the insights derived from them. Their challenge: to successfully integrate this data and assure data quality. However, accessing new data sources and simplifying data processing operations are often contradictory objectives. To reach their goal, companies must be able to rapidly ingest, cleanse, integrate, and match all their data (structured and unstructured) on.

Revelation Software, a Division of Revelation Technologies
Mike Ruane, President & CEO

Committed to ensuring the preservation of information systems and application investments by its developer and user community, Revelation provides a suite of development tools, a database, and related services that take full advantage of leading computing architectures and operating environments.


View From the Top by Mike Ruane, President & CEO, Revelation Software

At Revelation Software we strive to make sure that our Open- Insight product suite contains the tools and capabilities that our customers need to make their applications work the way their customers want them to work.

Since the computing world is constantly evolving—from green screen, to graphical applications, to web-based applications, to mobile applications—Revelation Software continues to adapt to the changes in technology, customer needs, and user on.

Rocket Software, Inc.
Andy Youniss, President & CEO

Rocket Software provides a wide range of solutions and products across areas such as DBMSs and application servers, the mainframe, data migration, network management, virtualization, enterprise performance management, and BI and analytics.


View From the Top by P. Gary Gregory, Sr. Vice President, & General Manager, DBMS and Application Servers, Rocket Software

Does MultiValue still matter?

This Question comes from peo¬ple who view database technology in isolation from applications—those who view databases as commodities accessed through SQL APIs. But the emergence of NoSQL document stores reflects a growing awareness of the need for more than just relational data on.

Bill McDermott, CEO

Known for HANA, its platform for next-generation applications and analytics, SAP SE is a global provider of enterprise application software, whose applications services are used by more  than 291,000 customers.

SAS Institute, Inc.
Jim Goodnight, CEO

Giving customers “the power to know,” SAS is a provider of business analytics software and services, with solutions across areas such as advanced analytics, business intelligence, customer intelligence, data management, risk management, fraud and security intelligence, Hadoop, and more.

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