DBTA 100 2017 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Splunk software and cloud services help organizations to search, monitor, analyze, and visualize machine generated big data coming from websites, applications, servers, networks, sensors, and mobile devices for real-time operational intelligence.

Providing a performance optimization platform for physical, virtual, and cloud resources, SentryOne helps Microsoft data professionals to monitor, diagnose, and optimize performance across SQL Server, Windows/Hyper-V, Analysis Services, VMware, Azure SQL Database and Data Warehouse, and Microsoft APS.

Striim (pronounced “stream”) is an enterprisegrade, real-time integration and intelligence platform that makes it easy to create streaming data pipelines—including change data capture—for real-time log correlation, cloud integration, edge processing, and streaming analytics.

StriimVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Steve Wilkes, CTO

Striim (pronounced “stream”) is an enterprise-grade, real-time data integration and intelligence platform. In fact, the two i’s stand for integration and on.

Syncsort helps organizations collect, integrate, sort, and distribute data using fewer resources by providing solutions that span big iron to big data, including next-gen analytical platforms such as Hadoop, cloud, and Splunk.

Tableau Software
Tableau’s goal is to make business intelligence faster and easier by providing a suite of interactive products to help users quickly analyze, visualize, and share information in the office and on-the-go.

Talend builds on open source innovation to create enterprise-ready solutions spanning big data, cloud, application integration, and master data management to help customers derive business value more quickly.

Teradata has a portfolio of big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and services across cloud, Hadoop, data warehousing, and analytics to help organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data.

TmaxSoft is a global software innovator focused on cloud, infrastructure, and legacy modernization, with solutions that offer enterprise CIOs viable alternatives to support their global IT powerhouses and drive competitive advantage.

TmaxSoftVIEW FROM THE TOP BY Joshua Yulish, CEO & President

As a global software innovator, TmaxSoft provides cloud, infrastructure, and legacy modernization solutions offering CIOs viable alternatives to support their dynamic datacenters and drive a competitive advantage for today’s digital on.

Offering cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, VMware accelerates digital transformation by enabling freedom and flexibility in how customers build and evolve IT environments.

Used in telco, financial services, ad tech, gaming, and other industries, VoltDB provides an in-memory transactional database for applications that require data scale, volume, and accuracy. 


VoltDB is the only operational in-memory transactional database designed for modern applications that require an unprecedented combination of data scale, volume, and on.

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