DBTA 100 2023: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Micro Focus 

Offering a portfolio of enterprise and software services, including application delivery, application modernization, IT operations, and more, Micro Focus helps businesses keep up with modern enterprise demands.


Dedicated to advancing human and organizational achievement, Microsoft delivers a wide array of services and solutions that cover desktop applications, relational database management technology, operating systems, search, and mobile devices in the cloud and on-premise.


The developer behind the MongoDB database platform, as well as search services, mobile app synchronization, data visualization, and more, MongoDB is driven by its desire to help innovators create, transform, and disrupt industries by unleashing the power of software and data.

Monte Carlo 

Monte Carlo is on a mission to accelerate the world’s adoption of data by reducing data downtime with its data observability platform, allowing enterprises to more easily detect, resolve, and prevent data anomalies with fast integration into existing tech stacks.


Navicat provides multi-connection database development tools—including Navicat Premium 16, which allows enterprises to connect several types of databases within a single application, as well as a variety of iterations for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more—additionally delivering an array of collaboration, visualization, monitoring, and database design services.

Navicat’s Continued Innovation in Database Management

As we reflect on the past year, Navicat is proud to have continued our legacy of innovation and excellence in database management. Read more.


The founder of Nstream Cloud Platform, an open source, full-stake streaming data solution that enables organizations to build applications directly on top of streaming data, Nstream provides real-time insights that organizations can take action on instantly with unique streaming APIs and stateful objects.


Nstream, formerly known as Swim, completes the data pipeline with a full-stack streaming application Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables enterprises to comprehend, contextualize, and produce actionable insights on large quantities of streaming data.


Nutanix helps businesses simplify cloud complexity with an open, software-defined hybrid multi-cloud platform, which is comprised of hybrid cloud infrastructure, multi-cloud management, unified storage, database services, and desktop services in a single platform to support any application and workload in any location.


Delivering a Trust Intelligence Platform that connects privacy, GRC, ethics, ESG teams, data, and processes, OneTrust enables people to buy from, work for, and invest in companies that demonstrate positive impact on people and the planet.


With solutions covering a variety of industries, including automotive, public safety, financial services, and more, Oracle allows organizations to focus time and resources on adding value for their customer base with capabilities in SaaS, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a- Service, and Data-as-a-Service.


Palantir powers AI-assisted decision making with category-leading software that enables businesses to create and govern artificial intelligence across both public and private networks.


Dedicated to aiding organizations make databases and applications run better, Percona offers open source database software, support, and services for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL databases in on-prem and cloud environments.


Having introduced web-based data visualization to Python, Plotly now delivers Dash Enterprise, which provides the best software tools and platforms to enable every enterprise in the world to build and scale data applications quickly and easily, additionally providing open source graphing libraries.


A data integrity company with more than 50 years of data expertise, Precisely empowers enterprises to make confident decisions based on data that’s trusted to have maximum accuracy, consistency, and context through a combination of software, data enrichment, and strategic services.


Aiming to be the trusted provider of the best products to develop, deploy, and manage high-impact applications, Progress delivers application development and infrastructure solutions designed with the customer in mind, enabling them to develop what they need, deploy where and how they want, and manage it all safely and securely.

View From the Top by Todd Wright Senior Product Marketing Manager Progress DataDirect

Data Connectivity For All Your Initiatives

In 2023, it’s no surprise that how an organization uses data is what sets it apart from its competition. Read more.

Prophecy, Inc. 

Prophecy leads with a mission to simplify and accelerate the process of extracting value from data, providing solutions that meet the unique needs of the most demanding organizations and use cases—including its low-code platform, which empowers users of any skill level to easily ship reliable data products.

View From the Top by Raj Bains Founder CEO

As enterprises continue to explore new opportunities to deliver game-changing innovations, the role of data has never been more critical. Read more.

Pure Storage 

Redefining the storage experience and empowering innovators by streamlining how people consume and interact with data, Pure Storage offers solutions that optimize performance, accelerate business results, reduce complexity, power unstructured data needs, and simplify AI deployment and scaling.


Pythian is a global IT services company that helps organizations transform by leveraging data, analytics, and the cloud, driven toward maximizing the value of an enterprise data estate with advanced on-prem, hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud solutions.

Every time Pythian is recognized for its contribution to the database, cloud computing, and data and analytics space it is truly humbling. Read more.
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