Special Report: Gaining Maximum Advantage with MultiValue Technologies

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Designing solutions that address MultiValue database customers' evolving needs in an affordable way while also maintaining the core attributes on which they have built their IT infrastructure has never been more important. Mobility, software-as-a service, enhanced analytics on burgeoning data volumes, and easy integration with other computing platforms are areas on which MV companies are focusing their efforts.

In this special report, DBTA asks leading MV vendors: What are the new capabilities you are implementing to help fulfill customers' changing requirements?

Hear from Revelation Software’s Mike Ruane and Rocket U2’s Susie Siegesmund below; and, on the following pages, Kore Technologies’ Ken Dickinson and Entrinsik’s Doug Leupen; as well as BlueFinity’s David Cooper, jBASE’s David Peters, and Pick Cloud’s Mark Pick

Mike Ruane 

President and CEO 

Revelation Software

At Revelation Software, we have continued to improve and enhance our web development toolkit OpenInsight for Web (O4W) to allow our developers and their customers to access and work with their data from whatever device they choose. Smartphones, tablets and workstations all support browsers which can run an application created with O4W. O4W applications can be written using Revelation’s MV database, or data sources from any of the major MV vendors, or SQL databases.  O4W applications can be written using our built-in wizards, or from code—BASIC code. There is no need to learn HTML5, Java or JavaScript.

Because many of our smaller customers don’t have the capabilities or desire to host these applications, Revelation offers both hosting services, and software-as-a-service opportunities. We offer these at a price point that makes it affordable for us, our resellers, and their users.

As always, we continue to observe and react to changes in technology, whether it’s the fact that more tablets are being sold than PCs, or new versions of operating systems become available, and other changes that are over the horizon. We will continue to assess these technologies, and adapt our products to them so that our user base can continue their operations as easily as possible.

Susie Siegesmund

Vice President and General Manager 

Rocket U2, Rocket Software

Rocket Software is focused on enabling our customers to meet market demands in these strategic areas. 

Mobility—Connectivity to the U2 databases via RFID scanners, cellphones and other mobile devices has been achievable for years.  Rocket delivered U2 RESTful Web Services, an interface making connectivity easier. Rocket’s LegaSuite Mobile provides a mobile user interface to complement existing U2 solutions.

SaaS—Rocket launched a new license type for SaaS, which removes the barriers of the per-user licensing model, allowing customers to take advantage of the extreme scalability of U2 to grow their markets. 

Enhanced analytics—Rocket CorVu interfaces with U2 databases to provide state-of-the-art data analytics, dashboards, and reporting. In 2012, Rocket added text analytics capability, enabling extraction of relevant information from unstructured text. This allows customers to mine information from large volumes of disparate data sources. Dashboards can also be easily deployed within SB/XA or through mobile applications for Android or iOS.

Easy integration with other computing platforms—Rocket enhanced U2’s External Database Access (EDA) capabilities, and is developing a Metadata Manager to assist in mapping U2 data to relational structures. EDA transparently reads, writes and queries data on non-U2 databases.  By combining U2 Replication with EDA, customers can offload production data for accurate and up-to-date reporting. 

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