Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2016

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Cloudera Enterprise—a platform that provides centralized management and support to operate Apache Hadoop effectively as a mission-critical piece of technology infrastructure with system management tools plus dedicated support and community advocacy from Hadoop developers and experts

Compuware Corp.
Compuware Topaz—a solution suite that helps enterprise customers tap the business value of their IBM z Systems environments, providing visibility to make it easier for veteran and novice developers alike to understand, modify, and troubleshoot mainframe code

ConCurrent, Inc.
ConCurrent Driven—enables application performance monitoring and management across heterogeneous Hadoop and Spark environments within a single, comprehensive solution

Corvil Network Data Analytics—transforms raw packet data into real-time operational and business intelligence to improve the speed of seeing, understanding, and acting on business as it is happening

Couchbase, Inc.
Couchbase Server 4.0—a distributed NoSQL database, engineered for performance, scalability, and availability, offers a SQL-based query language, N1QL (pronounced Nickel), that helps developers build enterprise- class applications with less code and greater agility

Data Intensity
Data Intensity Analytics1—a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence solution that provides visualization and architecture services as well as hosting and platform services (cloud hosting or remote managed services), with support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, and DB2 database management systems

DataStax DevCenter 1.4—a visual development tool for Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise that, along with the recently announced Cassandra 2.2, provides formal support for JSON data management with visual developer capabilities that allow users to easily create, query, and navigate JSON data

Datavail Corp.
Datavail Alert Optimizer—a web-based tool that supports Oracle Enterprise Manager implementations by helping to eliminate unwanted OEM alerts, identify unnecessary metrics and policies, and set up critical warning thresholds at the right levels

Datical, Inc.
Datical DB—Datical’s flagship product automates the deployment of database schema updates for organizations that struggle with the constant state of application change across complex environments

DBI Software (Database Brothers, Inc.)
DBI Software pureFeat V6.2 Performance Management Suite for IBM DB2 LUW— combines solutions for database analytics, tuning, and trending; advanced lights-out alerting; and real-time monitoring

Scott HayesProduct Spotlight by Scott Hayes, President & Founder, DBI Software

DBI Software

Automated Index Benefit Analysis 
The crown jewel of this release is a DBI innovation called “Index Benefit Analysis.” DBI pureFeat takes the recommended index output from IBM program “db2advis” and adds enormous value by detailing how much benefit is derived from each recommended index individually along with how much value is lost if an index isn’t created as part of the solution set. When “db2advis” recommends multiple indexes, DBI’s Index Benefit Analysis is absolutely invaluable because DBAs can instantly tell which indexes are the most important! And, surprisingly, sometimes we see that some “db2advis” recommended indexes can actually be harmful to workload performance! on.

Deep Information Sciences
DeepSQL—integrates underneath MySQL as a storage engine and leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to create data environments that adapt to changing application conditions, to accelerate performance, speed, and scale, while helping to take the pressure off data personnel

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