Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2016

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SQLstream, Inc.
SQLstream Blaze 4.0—a stream processing platform that includes a SQL-compliant stream processor, tools for real-time visualization of high volume data streams, StreamApps for rapid implementation of industry solutions, and integration with Apache Storm

Sqrrl Data, Inc.
Sqrrl Enterprise—enables users to ingest and analyze disparate datasets to facilitate proactive threat detection

Syncsort, Inc.
Syncsort DMX-h Release 8—a pure-play ETL engine that operates natively in the Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark frameworks and is designed to remove obstacles from adopting Hadoop by delivering an approach for moving heavy workloads from data warehouses and mainframes into Hadoop 

Tableau Software
Tableau 9.0—visual analytics software to provide users with a simple and interactive interface while analyzing data and performing data preparation, with new capabilities to help people to achieve more with data, answering questions at interactive speed

Talend, Inc.
Talend Integration Cloud—Summer ’15—a secure and hosted platform for connecting cloud and on-premises data and applications with added Remote Engine, sandbox functionality, the Talend Data Mapper, and an assortment of new cloud and on-premises app connectors to simplify the development of cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration flows

Teradata Corp.
Teradata Loom—a platform for profiling, preparing, and tracking data lineage for data in Hadoop that is designed to reduce the time and effort needed to carry out big data analytics

Treasure Data, Inc.
Treasure Data—analytics infrastructure-as-a-service to collect event data from dispersed sources, store it at scale, and refine and transform it to help businesses leverage their data to make smart decisions

Violin Memory, Inc.
Violin Memory Flash Storage Platform—an integrated all-flash storage solution designed for primary storage at the cost of legacy enterprise disk solutions, supports business continuity, data protection, data scaling, and efficiency

VMware vSphere 6—with more than 650 new features and capabilities, this release of VMware’s flagship virtualization platform addresses the needs of business-critical and cloud-native applications with higher performance, scale, and consolidation ratios; long distance vMotion; multi-processor fault tolerance; and Instant Clone technology

VoltDB, Inc.
VoltDB 5.0—an in-memory, scale-out operational database that offers increased support for the Hadoop ecosystem, expanded SQL support, and a new Management Center to better enable creation and management of fast data applications

WhereScape Software Ltd.
WhereScape RED—WhereScape’s flagship automation software that is optimized to leverage the MPP power of the Microsoft Analytics Platform System, a turnkey big data analytics appliance

BudzinskiProduct Spotlight by Mark Budzinski, President


DATA WAREHOUSE AUTOMATION: THE ANSWER TO IT BACKLOG to better support the business, IT organizations have to change their mindset about the process of pro-ducing a decision support infrastructure—moving from a model emphasizing the slow and expensive process of artisan craftsmanship to a model that focuses on acceleration and automation, replacing human labor with software to reduce cycle time and cost. WhereScape RED, WhereScape’s flagship automation software, enables IT to work effectively in a time when they have fewer people, less money, and less time to produce more ... read on.

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