Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2016

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IBM Corp.
IBM Cloud Data Services—a portfolio of integrated, best-of-breed cloud data services incorporating services, such as Cloudant, a fully-managed NoSQL database as a service; dashDB a data-warehousing solution on the cloud; and DataWorks, a cloud-based data refinery that enables organizations to simplify and automate finding, refining, and preparing data

Idera, Inc.
Idera SQL Hekaton Memory Check—a free tool that allows DBAs to see real-time memory usage on all SQL Server instances that use Hekaton, Microsoft’s in-memory database for online transaction processing in SQL Server, and take action to avoid downtime and optimize appropriately

Informatica, LLC
Informatica Secure@Source—a data security intelligence solution that enables enterprises to take a data- centric approach to the security challenges arising from massive enterprise data growth and proliferation within and beyond the corporate firewall by identifying and visualizing sensitive data wherever it resides

InterSystems Corp.
InterSystems Caché 2015.2—high-performance database technology which combines an object database, high-performance SQL, and multidimensional data access which can simultaneously access the same data, comes with several built-in scripting languages, and is compatible with popular development tools

RobtNagleProduct Spotlight by Robert Nagle, Vice President of Database Platforms


With the increasing digitization of business and the explosion of device-generated data—the so-called Internet of Things—you need to have a data platform that can not only handle a vast increase in data volume, but also a vast array of data types: static, non-static, local, remote, structured, and non-structured ... read on

Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., The CoSort Co.
RI CellShield Enterprise Edition—a full-featured, professional compliance package for Excel workbooks that can locate and automatically protect sensitive data across a network

JethroData 1.0—an index-based SQL engine for Hadoop that focuses on interactive queries for business users, leveraging its indexes to deliver query performance, while requiring minimal Hadoop cluster resources

Jinfonet Software, Inc.
Jinfonet JReport 13.1—a Java-based reporting platform that embeds into any application, delivering reporting, dashboards, and analytics via the web and mobile devices to allow users to visualize and interact with their data

Kore Technologies
Kore Technologies KommerceServer 5.4— engineered to integrate with any backoffice ERP system, this release of Kore’s B2B and B2C ecommerce platform is up to 20 times faster when searching for products, and adds new B2B and B2C features to enhance the user experience and improve product information management

KenProduct Spotlight by Ken Dickinson,  Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Kore Technologies 

Content is king! That is certainly true when it comes to implementing an eCommerce website but obtaining robust and accurate content for products is one of the bigger challenges facing distributors and retailers. Unlike manufacturers who author their own content, distributors and retailers do not. They rely on the content delivered by manufacturers, and it can vary in consistency and completeness. Member-based service organizations such as Trade Service and IDEA help consolidate the content from multiple manufacturers. However, distributors may still be faced with juggling multiple sources of content and data quality issues. Therefore, it’s important to select an eCommerce platform that can aggregate con¬tent from multiple sources and allow it to be augmented or changed where needed ... read on.

Looker Data Sciences, Inc.
Looker—an analytics tool that helps analysts to curate and centralize massive amounts of data to create a single source of truth and provides an easy way for business teams to quickly ask and answer their own questions

MapR Technologies, Inc.,
MapR 5.0—a release of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop that adds improvements for real-time Hadoop, security, and self-service data exploration and agility

MariaDB Corp. Ab
MariaDB Enterprise—a subscription designed to support organizations using MariaDB and MySQL in production environments with certified binaries, expertise from the MariaDB team, and enterprise-grade tooling

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