Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2018

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MarkLogic Enterprise—an enterprise NoSQL database that uses a flexible, multi model approach to handle almost any data source, whether it is data from existing relational databases, mainframes, Hadoop, file systems, or any other source

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) software—incorporates a deep learning technique to enhance detection and expands advanced analysis capabilities within email attachments, resulting in more comprehensive protection across the network as new threat intelligence and reputation updates are shared throughout the ecosystem

Melissa (Formerly Melissa Data)
MatchUp—a global matching and deduplication solution for customer data that uses a sophisticated survivorship process to collapse duplicates into a single, complete, accurate record—and is now available as a cloud service

Bud Walker,
VP of Enterprise
Sales & Strategy


In the world of data privacy, protecting and verifying identity has never been more important. On everyone’s mind: the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its implementation date of May 25, 2018. The regulation will require global organizations to strengthen the way they process and safeguard the personal data of EU citizens. Being located in North America is no absolution—if a company has personal data on EU citizens, they must comply with the new regulations. Read on.

MemSQL—a real-time data warehouse for cloud and onpremises that delivers insights across live and historical data and has recently added new extensibility features to enable machine learning, performance improvements for analytical queries, and a broader set of online operations

Azure—a set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centers, with additional support provided by integrated tools, DevOps, and a marketplace for building anything from simple mobile apps to nternet-scale solutions

MicroStrategy—an enterprise analytics platform that recently introduced Dossier, a new storybook experience that incorporates a consumer-oriented and browser-based interface that makes it easier to navigate and share reports and visualizations that matter to users

MongoDB Atlas—engineered by the same team that builds the MongoDB NoSQL database platform, the MongoDB Atlas database-as-a-service incorporates best practices developed from real-world use cases at thousands of customer deployments from startups to the Fortune 100

Nuxeo Platform—a modern content services platform that manages both traditional content and rich media assets to unlock the full value of all of a company’s digital content—wherever it lives

ThingSpan—an enterprise data and sensor fusion platform for graph and data analytics that integrates with open source technologies such as Spark, Kafka, HDFS, and YARN, making it easier for data scientists and analysts to get started

OpenText Magellan—a flexible AI and analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with advanced analysis and the capabilities to acquire, merge, manage, and analyze big data and big content to provide users with machine-assisted decision making and business optimization

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