Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2024

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Dataiku—The platform that systemizes the use of data and AI, bringing people together to deliver amazing business results

DataStax AstraDB—new vector search capabilities enable complex, context-sensitive searches across diverse data formats for use in GenAI applications, powered by Apache Cassandra

Cloud Analytics Solutions—from assessing your environment and planning your strategy to implementing your data integration, data storage, and data visualization and reporting solutions, Datavail can provide the services that fit your needs

DBI Web Performance Suite for DB2 LUW and SQL Server—a database performance analytics, tuning, monitoring, and trending solution that provides a major breakthrough in performance analysis and change management

Ousama Shamma CEO

DBI provides software solutions worldwide that help organizations achieve their database performance objectives. Read more.

PowerProtect Data Manager—delivers next-generation data protection that enables faster IT transformation while giving you the assurance that you can easily safeguard your data’s value and start your journey to modern data protection

Delphix DevOps Data Platform—an API-first data platform that automates complex data operations—including compliance with privacy regulations—to enable organizations to virtualize, secure, and manage data on-prem, in the cloud, and in hybrid IT environments

Denodo Platform—the Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization, is a logical data integration, data management, and data delivery solution that provides a centralized data access layer enabling all users to find, query, integrate, and securely share datasets, in real time, with breakthrough cost-effectiveness

Ravi Shankar SVP & Chief Marketing Officer

The Denodo Platform empowers insight-driven business success, transforming how data is delivered to facilitate data literacy, self-service analytics, and democratization. Read more.

Open Data Lakehouse Platform—an open data lakehouse providing self-service analytics, data warehouse performance and functionality, and data lake flexibility across all of your data

Elasticsearch—quickly turn data into actionable insights, collect data seamlessly, manage risk, ensure compliance, and minimize upkeep and maintenance

Empolis Service Express—enables organizations and their employees to get to the right solution faster and have the latest service documents on hand, regardless of whether it’s for support, field service, or self-service

FairCom EDGE—simplifies the integration of sensor and machine data at the source—whether it is a factory, water treatment plant, oil platform, or wind farm—and is comprised of a converged IoT/Industrial IoT hub that unifies messaging, persistence, and analytics

Data Movement Platform—completely automates the ELT process, providing prebuilt pipelines that deploy in minutes and automatically adapt to changes in source APIs and schemas

AllegroGraph—a horizontally distributed, multi-model (document and graph), entity-event knowledge graph technology that enables businesses to extract sophisticated decision insights and predictive analytics from their highly complex, distributed data

AllegroGraph: LLMs and Knowledge Graphs for AI in the Enterprise

Jans Aasman CEO

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, the synergy between Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models (LLMs) has emerged as a game-changer. Read more.

Duet AI—built on top of Google’s leading large foundation models, Duet AI is specially trained to help users be more productive on Google Cloud, leveraging the Vertex AI platform to provide personal and contextualized AI assistance while keeping data private and secure

Unified Real-Time Data Platform—horizontally scalable clusters can be deployed both on-prem and natively in public or private clouds, empowering companies to handle even the most demanding workloads in multi-, hybrid, and inter-cloud environments

Hazelcast Unified Real-Time Data Platform—a powerful blend of a stream processing engine and a fast data store designed to handle real-time streaming data, analyze it alongside historical information, and help businesses take action instantly

IBM Power E1080 Server—has been engineered to be one of the most secure server platforms and is designed to help clients operate a safe, frictionless hybrid cloud experience across their entire IT infrastructure

IDERA Portfolio of Database Tools—monitor, secure, and improve data systems—on-prem, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments—to help put organizations in full control of the data management lifecycle so they can handle big data challenges and turn cost centers into growth assets

Immuta Data Security Platform—helps organizations unlock value from their cloud data by providing sensitive data discovery, security and access control, and activity monitoring

InfluxDB Platform—at its heart has a database purpose-built to handle the epic volumes and countless sources of time-stamped data produced by sensors, applications, and infrastructure, and enables the building of real-time applications for analytics, IoT, and cloud-native services

Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud—is a cloud native, AI-powered, end-to-end data management platform designed to help businesses efficiently handle the complex challenges of dispersed and fragmented data so they can innovate with their data on any platform, or in any cloud, multi-cloud, and multi-hybrid setting

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