Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2024

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Actian Data Platform—works with all your analytical applications to support the needs of users with a wide range of technical skills, empowering them to access data and perform queries using familiar tools and languages

Aerospike Graph—a highly scalable, low-latency property graph database built on Aerospike’s proven real-time data platform

Free Integration in Snowflake—DBAs, data engineers, and data architects can drastically reduce manual tasks (or hand them off completely) and deliver more data value, more quickly

Amazon RDS—a web service running in the cloud designed to simplify the setup, operation, and scaling of a relational database for use in applications

ArangoGraph Insights Platform—accelerate application innovation and performance with ArangoDB’a next-generation graph data and analytics platform

ArangoGraph is a highly versatile, scalable, and fully managed SaaS Graph database, uniquely tailored for real-world applications. Read more.

Data Pipeline Automation Platform—a single platform that detects and propagates change across your data ecosystem, ensures accuracy end to end, and quantifies the cost of your data products

AtScale Universal Semantic Layer—simplifies, accelerates, and extends business intelligence and data science capabilities for enterprise customers across all industries, empowering them to democratize data, implement self-service BI, and build a more agile analytics infrastructure for better, more impactful decision making

Helix—SaaS solutions built to enable data intelligence, action, and orchestration for the modern enterprise, making data the catalyst for clarity and action

Anzo Platform—a complete knowledge graph platform built on a high-performance graph database engine, AnzoGraph, that uses an in-memory MPP processing paradigm to execute queries against datasets extremely quickly, enabling agile data integration, transformation, and analytics at enterprise scale

CData Connect Cloud—provides governed access to hundreds of cloud applications, databases, and warehouses for live data consumption and analysis with your favorite tools

CelerData—enables enterprises to quickly and easily grow their business with a unified analytics engine that offers 3 times the performance and up to 80% lower operating costs compared to any other solutions on the market

Chaos LakeDB—a data lake database designed to power generative AI, SQL, and Live Search, available as a SaaS data platform for enterprises and as an embedded database from cloud platform providers

Data Collaboration Platform—liberates data from applications and allows users to manage and control data as products, eliminating the need for future data integration and resulting in a more agile data ecosystem that makes change simple, rapidly accelerates business outcomes, and fosters collaborative intelligence across the enterprise

Data Migrator—a fully automated solution that moves on-prem HDFS data, Hive metadata, local file system, or cloud data sources to any cloud or on-prem environment, even while those datasets are under active change

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)—a hybrid data platform designed for unmatched freedom to choose—any cloud, any analytics, any data—delivering faster and easier data management and data analytics with optimal performance, scalability, and security

Clumio—a powerful architecture allows backups to scale seamlessly with users’ data while providing the power of file-level indexing that helps find, protect, and restore exactly the right data among billions of cloud files and objects, fast

CockroachDB—a distributed SQL database employed by some of the world’s largest enterprises across all industries, including Equifax, Bose, and Comcast, and some of the largest companies in banking, retail, and media

Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud—provides deep visibility into an organization’s data ecosystem—from data warehouses and data lakes to master data repositories and operational databases—without moving data, so information assets stay protected

Tungsten Clustering—allows teams running business-critical MySQL applications to cost-effectively achieve continuous operations by deploying MySQL clusters on-prem, in the cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud

Why VMware Replaced Galera Cluster with Continuent Tungsten Cluster

MySQL is an excellent database for business-critical web applications, yet does not have native robust HA, DR, or Geo-Scale capabilities. Read more.

Couchbase Capella—Couchbase’s cloud database platform for modern applications, including mobile and IoT application services, provides the easiest and fastest way to begin with Couchbase and to eliminate ongoing database management efforts

Databricks Lakehouse Platform—combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to deliver the reliability, strong governance, and performance of data warehouses with the openness, flexibility, and machine learning support of data lakes

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