Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2024

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COMPASS—a cloud-based, automated data governance management system used for the rapid deployment, operation, and analysis of an organization’s strategic data governance program for improving business performance

HANA—a multi-model database that stores data in its memory instead of keeping it on a disk, empowering businesses to process massive amounts of data with near-zero latency, query data in an instant, and become truly data-driven

Viya—an end-to-end AI and analytics platform designed to manage, model, and deploy data from a single solution, powering AI and prompting better data-driven, explainable decisions from data

Satori—accelerates time-to-insight with frictionless, immediate access to data, with built-in security and compliance, acting as a data security platform deployed between users and data stores for automatic classification and access control

Eldad Chai, Co-Founder & CEO

Satori is a unique data security platform that enables users to streamline access to data in a simple way while keeping security and compliance requirements at bay. Read more.

xDM—a master data management software that rapidly delivers value from data assets and optimized data stewardship operations, easily generates data-rich apps with zero code, and automates the creation of high-quality golden records for specific business needs

SingleStoreDB—empowers the world’s makers to build, deploy, and scale modern, intelligent applications, backed by streaming data ingestion which supports both transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads and limitless point-in-time recovery, united within a distributed, MySQL-compatible architecture

SingleStore offers SingleStoreDB, a distributed SQL database that powers high-throughput transactions, low-latency analytics and context from real-time data. Read more.

Snowflake Data Cloud—a single, global platform that powers the data cloud, designed to connect businesses globally, across any type or scale of data and many different workloads, and unlock seamless data collaboration

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer—monitors and optimizes multiple database management system (DBMS) platforms for cloud and on-prem environments, featuring machine learning, cross-platform database support, expert tuning advisors, cloud database support, and automation management API capabilities

ProvenDB—uses blockchain technology to create a genuinely trustworthy data platform useful for highly regulated industries, enabling enterprises to prove ownership of intellectual property, timestamps for legal instruments, that records have not been tampered/falsified, and to create a log of all document changes

Starburst Galaxy—a fully-managed data lake analytics platform designed for handling petabyte-scale datasets in and around the cloud data lake, empowering the discovery, governing, analysis, and sharing of data across all three clouds from a single platform

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform—creates a flexible, reusable data layer for answering complex queries across data silos, unifying data based on its meaning, and creating a connected network of knowledge to power any business

Syniti Knowledge Platform—a unified, cloud-based, silo-free enterprise data management solution that simplifies data migration, data management, governance, and analytics capabilities, making superior data outcomes a reality

Data Mastering—combines advanced AI with human oversight to improve data quality through comparison and scoring to ensure data initiatives scale and adapt to changing business needs, fast

Teradata VantageCloud—a complete cloud analytics and data platform that unlocks data, activates analytics, and accelerates value for AI and machine learning, lakehouses, data lakes, data warehouses, data engineering, and transactional workloads

TigerGraph Cloud—a distributed native graph Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) that helps accelerate the ability of individuals and businesses to harness the power of graph with SQL-like database computation and ACID-compliant transactions

XPilot—a ChatGPT-powered data integration copilot that allows TimeXtender users to ask questions and find relevant content while they are working with TimeXtender’s holistic data integration tool, providing answers to common questions and troubleshooting errors in real time

Unravel DataOps Observability Platform—offering full-stack visibility, self-service optimization, and automated governance, the Unravel platform automatically and continuously discovers everything an enterprise has running, extracting millions of contextualized, granular details from metadata across the entire data stack, from the application down to infrastructure and everything in between

Vertica Analytics Platform—delivers the best value for the highest performance on data analytics, at any scale, anywhere, as a columnar, relational, ANSI-Standard SQL, and ACID-compliant database built for the most demanding data analytics use cases

Zaloni Arena DataOps Platform—a unified data governance platform that enables self-service data enrichment and consumption through its active data catalog, enabling users to rapidly control complex data environments

Zilliz Cloud—a fully managed vector database that streamlines the process of deploying and scaling vector search applications by eliminating the need to create and maintain complex data infrastructure with 10x faster vector retrieval

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