April 25, 2024

News Flashes

Cisco, the leader in security and networking, revealed a new approach to securing data centers and clouds in response to the increasing demands the AI revolution has put on IT infrastructure—introducing Cisco Hypershield. According to the company, with this unprecedented innovation, Cisco is tipping the scales in favor of defenders, building on its recent announcements to accelerate AI infrastructure with Cisco's ethernet switching, silicon, and compute portfolio.

Qdrant, the high-performance, open-source vector database provider, is debuting the industry's first native vector database offered as a managed hybrid cloud model. The new Qdrant Hybrid Cloud offering is a run-anywhere, self-service solution designed to empower enterprises to deploy and manage vector databases in any cloud provider, on-premise, or edge location. This technological feat capitalizes on the increasing demand for vector databases—particularly as it relates to supporting AI and generative AI (GenAI) initiatives—while offering utmost deployment flexibility and control over sensitive data.

VAST Data, the AI data platform company, is debuting the availability of the VAST Data Platform with Google Cloud, now supporting AI workflows within the Google Cloud environment. Additionally, enterprises are now able to deploy multi-node VAST clusters either independently with Google Cloud or in concurrence with on-prem VAST clusters—bringing the entirety of VAST's platform capabilities to both hybrid and native Google Cloud environments.

Hitachi Vantara, the data storage, infrastructure, and hybrid cloud management subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., is introducing a strategic realignment of the organization designed to accelerate the company's growth plan, including its ability to respond to market opportunities with a focus on hybrid cloud and generative AI.