June 23, 2022

News Flashes

Collibra has announced Collibra Protect with Snowflake, a new offering to help teams securely and quickly access data to drive better decision making. Collibra Protect enables users to create policies that mask sensitive data via a no-code interface, so they don't have to rely on technical resources. Users can apply policies and ensure data is protected across Snowflake. Collibra additionally provides teams with context about data to ensure that tailored policies can be put in place to protect personal information and drive better decision making. 

As organizations across industries, from financial services to retail, move mission-critical workloads to the cloud, they must defend against security vulnerabilities from inside and outside the firewall that are resulting in more breaches and exposed data. To help customers protect their cloud applications and data against emerging threats, Oracle is expanding the built-in security services and capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Scale Computing, a provider of edge computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions, is partnering with Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company, to enable a fast, reliable, and efficient solution for hybrid cloud storage, archiving, and backup.

Snow Software, a provider of technology intelligence, and Anodot, the business monitoring company, are forming a new strategic partnership to help organizations solve the urgent challenge of managing rapidly growing and increasingly complex cloud costs. Snow and Anodot will bridge the disciplines of IT asset management (ITAM) and finance operations (FinOps) together to address evolving issues associated with cloud cost management.

When organizations move their SAP applications to a cloud provider, what they are really doing is placing their mission-critical application into someone else's hands—this exacerbates the need for more cybersecurity monitoring to ensure the provider is handling it with care. Beware, some cloud service providers offer a monitoring service, but the customer also needs to have a process in place to understand what activities are ongoing in the hosted SAP system. 

Think About It

As we advance deeper into the digitally roaring 2020s, data executives and profession­als are seeing change on a scale never seen before in their careers. A new generation of technologies that often build on previous solutions means new ways of working and ensuring performance for today's increasingly data-driven enterprises. We asked industry leaders for their views on what technology is enhancing enterprises' ability to compete on data.