March 25, 2021

News Flashes

Alluxio, developer of open source cloud data orchestration software, has announced the integration of RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark 3.0 with the Alluxio Data Orchestration Platform to accelerate data access on NVIDIA accelerated computing clusters for computation of both analytics and AI pipelines.

KX is releasing KX Insights, a cloud-first platform for streaming analytics that fully leverages the benefits of cloud architecture natively to deliver fast, scalable real-time data insights. KX Insights has been certified by KX to run natively on all major hyperscale cloud providers including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This enables organizations to rapidly scale up their real-time decision-making capabilities and implement an operating model of continuous actionable business intelligence.

The Aerospike Kubernetes Operator provides a controller that manages a Custom Resource Definition to extend the Kubernetes API for Aerospike clusters. It automates the management of common Aerospike database tasks such as the configuration, provisioning, scaling, and recovery of Aerospike clusters, thereby reducing the complexity of manual deployment and life cycle management.

Teleport, a provider of software for environment-free computing, has announced that Teleport 6.0—introducing Teleport Database Access—is now available. The newest features included in Teleport 6.0 were designed to provide PostgreSQL and MySQL users with convenient access to databases running on private networks, while preventing data exfiltration, and enabling compliance enforcement and visibility into access and behavior.

Vertica and Dell EMC have announced the general availability of Vertica in Eon Mode for Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), delivering data-driven organizations more freedom to leverage cloud innovation for analytics. According to the companies, this combined predictive analytics offering gives data-driven organizations the ability to leverage cloud innovation for analytics wherever their data resides, supporting hybrid deployments and on-premises data center use cases.

Think About It

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us—from baby monitors and home security cameras to smart vehicles, smart power grids, and even the emergence of smart cities. In recent years, the IoT has, and continues to transform how we, as individuals, live and work.