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Five Minute Briefing - Data Center
April 18, 2022

Five Minute Briefing - Data Center: April 18, 2022. Published in conjunction with SHARE Inc., a bi-weekly report geared to the needs of data center professionals.

News Flashes

BMC has announced new capabilities and integrations across its BMC AMI (Automated Mainframe Intelligence) and BMC Compuware portfolios. These innovations are aimed at increasing developer productivity, helping to predict service impacts, and helping to prevent attackers from compromising mainframe environments. Separately, BMC also recently announced day one support for the IBM Db2 13 and IBM z16 releases.

DBI Software, a provider of best-in-class performance monitoring, tuning, and trending tools for IBM Db2 LUW and SQL Server databases, has announced the release of version 7 of its Database Performance Web Suite.

IBM has unveiled the IBM z16, its next-generation system with an integrated on-chip AI accelerator—delivering latency-optimized inferencing. This innovation is designed to enable clients to analyze real-time transactions, at scale—for mission-critical workloads such as credit card, healthcare and financial transactions.

IBM has announced Db2 13 for z/OS, which, the company says, enhances the availability, security and resiliency of data and applications. According to IBM, Db2 13 for z/OS provides the ability to develop large-scale AI-insights through an innovative, database-integrated approach, infuse AI within any application to improve operations and reduce costs, and enhance resiliency, efficiency, and application stability for maximum availability. Availability is planned for May 31, 2022.

News From SHARE

Cryptocurrency continues to capture headlines, with many regulators warning about potential scams and data breaches and is just one of the applications for blockchain technology in the financial markets.

Think About It

It's no secret that businesses have become more data-driven in recent years, with powerful big data analytics increasingly deliv­ering on the promise of adding business value. As a result, the quality and enrichment of data have become top priorities for business leaders on a global scale. In fact, according to a recent survey of chief data officers, 88% have started building auto­mation into their data management processes to help manage data quality.