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Five Minute Briefing - Data Center
February 8, 2016

Five Minute Briefing - Data Center: February 8, 2016 . Published in conjunction with SHARE Inc., a bi-weekly report geared to the needs of data center professionals.

News Flashes

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), an IT automation tools vendor, has begun shipping an updated version of its workload automation and job scheduling software. ActiveBatch Version 10 contains multiple features that increase efficiency and reduce cost, while also meeting the intensifying demands for improved agility and bimodal deployment.

EMC has begun shipping the latest version of EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), a multi-purpose, shared global storage that scales into Exabytes to store both small and large files. ECS was first launched in spring 2014 to provide high-density storage with exabyte scalability in a private cloud.

IBM is adding new technology features and collaborations to its LinuxONE family of high-performance Linux systems that are intended to enhance organizations' ability to develop, deploy and manage applications for the cloud.

IBM has expanded its Cloud Data Services portfolio with 25 new services now available on the IBM Cloud that are designed to help developers build, deploy, and manage web and mobile applications and enable data scientists to discover hidden trends using data and analytics in the cloud.

OpsClarity's intelligent monitoring solution now provides monitoring for a growing and popular suite of open source data processing frameworks, including Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Spark as well as datastores such as Elasticsearch, Cassandra, MongoDB. The solution is intended to enable DevOps teams to gain visibility into how these technologies are dependent on each other and troubleshoot performance issues.

News From SHARE

There are no young professionals in the mainframe community, right? Wrong! It's time you meet Connor Krukosky, an 18-year-old college student who bought an IBM z890 from an online auction and is now busy getting it up and running.

Think About It

IBM Increases Digital Agency Footprint