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Five Minute Briefing - Data Center
January 10, 2011

Five Minute Briefing - Data Center: January 10, 2011. Published in conjunction with SHARE Inc., a bi-weekly report geared to the needs of data center professionals.

News Flashes

Attachmate Corporation says it is now shipping a solution that helps securely connect local and remote users to legacy applications on a variety of host platforms including IBM, HP, Unisys, UNIX and OpenVMS. The new release, Attachmate Reflection for the Web 2008 R3 is designed to help administrators use LDAP and Active Directory services to centrally install, deploy and control access to legacy applications. The new release also provides support for emerging platforms such as Linux on System z, Google Chrome and the latest versions of Java.

GT Software, a provider of mainframe integration solutions, announced that the company's flagship product, Ivory Service Architect, has released version 4.3 that adds the REST architecture as a new interface option.

At HP Software Universe in Barcelona, HP introduced a new release of its configuration management tool, incorporating a module for policy-based topology and inventory configuration analysis, as well as greater integration with the vendor's discovery and mapping platform. HP's UCMDB-Configuration Manager (UCMDB-CM) is an instant-on module that is part of the UCMDB product delivered with UCMDB 9.10.

Luminex Software Inc., a provider of mainframe virtual tape for data deduplication storage systems, announced Luminex Tape Monitor software (LTMON) for mainframe virtual tape systems, part of its family of Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape products. Luminex also announced its High Availability Grid (HA-Grid) functionality, which provides highly available and redundant mainframe virtual tape storage.

Software Diversified Services (SDS), a mainframe tools vendor, announced it has made PGP Corporation's data encryption platform available for IBM z/OS systems. The offering, PGP Command Line for IBM Mainframes, integrates into existing mainframe processes and provides compression and encryption for data at rest, in transmission, and in archival backups, SDS says.

News From SHARE

Without a doubt, Cloud Computing is the hottest topic in information technology today. Gartner has identified Cloud Computing as the #1 (of 10) strategic technology for 2011. Gartner specifically states "Cloud computing services exist along a spectrum from open public to closed private. The next three years will see the delivery of a range of cloud service approaches that fall between these two extremes. Vendors will offer packaged private cloud implementations that deliver the vendor's public cloud service technologies (software and/or hardware) and methodologies (i.e., best practices to build and run the service) in a form that can be implemented inside the consumer's enterprise. Many will also offer management services to remotely manage the cloud service implementation."

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