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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
August 3, 2010

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: August 3, 2010. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

IBM has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Storwize, a privately held company based in Marlborough, Mass. With Storwize, IBM says, it is acquiring storage technology that is unique in the industry due to its ability to compress primary data, or data that clients are actively using, of multiple types - from files to virtualization images to databases - in real-time while maintaining performance. "This is in contrast to what we see our competitors doing, which is primarily focusing on compressing data that is inactive, or data at rest - backup data, as an example," explained Doug Balog, vice president of IBM Storage, during a conference call announcing the planned acquisition.

Informatica Corporation yesterday announced the availability of Informatica RulePoint 5.1. With the new release, RulePoint, which enables enterprises to rapidly detect, immediately analyze and intelligently respond to data-driven events, adds enhancements such as rapid user onboarding, support for broader customer environments, lower latency processing through change data capture, higher performance event enrichment, extended geospatial capabilities, and the ability to attach optional metadata. "We continue to extend the functionality and value of Informatica RulePoint in parallel with integrating its differentiated CEP capabilities with the industry-leading Informatica Platform," states Mike Appelbaum, vice president and general manager, Complex Event Processing, Informatica.

JackBe, a provider of enterprise mashup software, has introduced a new version of its mashup platform that incorporates the capability to create an internal "app store" similar to the app store that Apple hosts for iPhone and iPad users. The new release of Presto (version 3.0) provides a platform for creating internal enterprise app stores, as well as a visual toolset for creating enterprise apps.

Objectivity, Inc., a provider of data management solutions, has released the first version of its enterprise-ready distributed graph database product, following a successful beta program which began earlier this year. InfiniteGraph enables large-scale graph processing, data analytics and discovery, and supports the leading requirements of organizations seeking valuable connections in data and information, and building advanced systems and services around social networking, business intelligence, scientific research, national security and similar efforts.

OpTier, a provider of business transaction (BTM) management software for the enterprise, has launched the OpTier Business Events module. Built around a complex event processing (CEP) engine, the new module will monitor real-time business transactions and give enterprises the ability to make rapid, proactive decisions about business-critical activities by providing continuous intelligence.

Revelation Software has announced the availability of a new release of OpenInsight (OI) Development Suite, which continues Revelation's commitment to extend OpenInsight by embracing new technologies as well as providing seamless integration with external databases.

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