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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
June 29, 2020

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: June 29, 2020. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

Hadoop has evolved into a major part of the data management landscape over the last decade. Yet for some organizations, Hadoop has required many more resources than originally planned, both for implementation and for management. DBTA recently held a webinar with David Leichner, CMO, SQream and Arnon Shimoni, Product Manager and Solution Architect, SQream, who discussed the future of Hadoop along with strategies for companies using the technology.

Aiven, a technology company combining open source technologies with cloud infrastructure, is releasing Kafka MirrorMaker 2 as a stand-alone service, enabling enterprises to access the Apache Kafka ecosystem more easily. With Apache Kafka, Kafka Connect, and now MirrorMaker 2 as a service, Aiven customers can specialize their workloads, reducing dependency while increasing resilience.

OpenLegacy, a provider of digital-driven integration for core legacy systems, is partnering with Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, to provide easy, superior legacy connectivity to help Boomi's enterprise customers access data in legacy systems. Boomi's integration platform as a service (iPaaS) covers a broad range of customer use cases and connectivity, and OpenLegacy complements Boomi by providing API-driven access to metadata and data from legacy assets such as AS/400, IMS, VSAM.