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Five Minute Briefing - Information Management
March 1, 2011

Five Minute Briefing - Information Management: March 1, 2011. A concise weekly report with key product news, market research and insight for data management professionals and IT executives.

News Flashes

InetSoft Technology, a provider of dashboard, reporting and mashup solutions, has announced a new release of its flagship business intelligence software application, Style Intelligence. The new release aims to expands upon InetSoft's concept of agile BI, with several feature enhancements that will allow developers and administrators to work more efficiently and nimbly.

Queplix Corp., a provider of data virtualization solutions, has announced two new product families to bring the benefits of data virtualization to ETL (extract, transform and load). According to Queplix, the VirtualETL and CloudETL families simplify the ETL process, enabling users to configure Queplix's Application Software Blades, providing easy connections to target applications and reducing the time required to integrate applications. The VirtualETL family includes enterprise-class VirtualETL, which allows ETL teams to connect any two enterprise applications together, and professional-class VirtualETL, which allows users to connect any two applications that use relational database management systems. With CloudETL, users can connect any two cloud-based applications or connect a cloud-based application with one that is on-premise.

Composite Software, a data virtualization vendor, says it is joining with Clarity Resource Group, a business intelligence (BI) consulting firm, to offer data virtualization products and services that increase BI agility in financial services, communications, retail, health care and energy industries.

LogLogic, an IT data management company supporting log management and SIEM (security information and event management), has announced the release of LogLogic Database Security Manager 4.1. LogLogic Database Security Manager is used by enterprises to ensure the security of their database deployments, while also allowing for the remote monitoring of activity without the need for built-in database auditing features. Database Security Manager includes a rule-base and management dashboard, and is part of LogLogic's Universal Collection Framework providing the ability to get any IT data, regardless of format or location.

Luminex Software, Inc., a developer and provider of disk-based mainframe virtual tape products and technologies, announced at the SHARE IBM User Group conference in Anaheim, an enhanced version of its Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape product that the company says outperforms other industry solutions by 2x to 5x or more. The new Channel Gateway "X" version provides near link-speed virtual tape performance, allowing data centers to meet their maximum mainframe host tape I/O capabilities using disk-based storage.

Membase (formerly NorthScale) and CouchOne have joined forces to create Couchbase, a provider of an end-to-end family of NoSQL database products. The merger will enable a lineup of data management capabilities built with Apache CouchDB document database technology, memcached distributed caching technology and the Membase data flow and cluster management system.

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